Her solo trip from despair to hope!

Her solo trip from despair to hope!

The best dreams happen when you're awake!
 -Cherie Gilderbloom

The crowd cheered her like never before, reckoning their hopes, beaming with pride.

Rasya took the stage, as she took an arrow from her quiver and adjusted it on the sturdy bow, to aim the target with utmost focus.

A national champion in the sport,  shewas competing in the Olympics this time.

She released the bow to shoot, but it didn't make it to the inner ring if the target.

'Oh...!', the crowd sighed in unison.

'Probably, it wasn't my day!', downcast and dispirited she left the court.

The following days, were difficult to get over, contemplating over the loss.
All the while, she had been chasing her dreams, which meant a world to her.

What went wrong ....?

Where did she falter?

She wondered..

Finally, she made her mind for a much need break that awaited her...A SOLO TRIP!

A trip across the mountains of Sahyadris, through the lush greenery of forests!

As she drived the car, through the beautiful lanes , untainted by humans, preserved in its natural form.

The daze of negativity blurring her sight, seemed to slowly lift, as the golden radiance of the sun jolted in through the windshield!

Amidst the Sahyadris, is the scenic Rajmachi fort, the trek trail was steep and rocky , but she was determined to make it to the destination.

'Indeed,its the stairway to heaven!', she said to herself as she made it to the top.

As the whistling winds caressed her, she sighed and vent out all the piled up grief!

The shattered pieces of her self-esteem seemed to fit in again...

'At times it is not just your hard-work and talent, the path of the bow is affected by the direction of the wind!'

She never left hope, and was determined to aim the target of life again!

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