Hypocrisy ! Do share with us your opinion

Hypocrisy !  Do share with us your opinion

The definition of this word by google states “behaviour in which somebody pretends to have moral standards or opinions that he/she does not really have”. In simple english, giving gyan to duniya but not following the same.

Corona pandemic has taught us many lessons. The ill management of this pandemic has shows us the strength of our Bimar healthcare system with logistics and supply doing worse.

There are pictures and videos of people begging for the requirement of oxygen and treatment and then there are pictures of celebrities posting their pictures enjoying the sunshine of Maldives. There were politicians telling us to follow the Covid-19 prevention protocols and then the same politician conducting rallies in poll bound states with no care of any Covid-19 prevention protocols. We have seen the bottom of insensitivity of administration towards affected citizens. This insensitivity forced courts to interfere in the matter with direction to government to ensure the supply of oxygen to citizens.

But, the moment you think you have seen it all, the reality proves you wrong, flood of insensitive and illogical statements from our reputed politicians make you go, eeeeeeee. When all the resources of country are to be directed towards this pandemic management, our central government is pushing the idea of Central Vista, a renovation plan of New Delhi which has huge budgetary allocation. Frank Underwood says that the road to power is paved with hypocrisy and this is absolutely true for the present situation.

Among all this chaos, as a citizen what you can do? Do share with us your opinion and thoughts on this situation.

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