I am Aarfa - Not a Victim Anymore

I am Aarfa - Not a Victim Anymore

I am Aarfa and this is my story.

I belonged to a lower middle class family , dwelling in the slums of Mumbai.Like every teenager, I was full of life , seeking happiness in the small joys of life.

Like any other day, even that day I was on my way to school, when he ( my neighbor Babu ) clenched my wrist and pushed me into a car ( whose windows were thick black ). He started grabbing my body and molested me , before I could get back my senses, he took me to the kaazi and made me recite ' qabool he ' thrice. He then kept me in a room, the address still unknown to me. There he raped me in rage, day and night, when his lust got satisfied, he used to bring his friends who would attack on me like hungry beasts.

Then one day, he informed me that, he is leaving me home and, had warned me to seal my mouth or else I would be in a big trench.But, as soon as I saw my parents, I bloated all that happened.He was immediately put behind the bars. But I had to face the repurcations, my school was left.

Soon he got the bail and I had to depone him.Once more he got the chance and he dragged me back into his life and we settled at Delhi. There he behaved no less than a monster. His abuses had no end . I was embroiled, he raped me in rage seeing no day and night.Soon, I had conceived.Not me, but they were happy. He and his parents would tell me that, if I behave as they say, they would one day make me meet my parents. In that hope I did as they said. I was made to work like a machine and he would drill the same machine and night.It was sore but, I did not give up.

Finally, I was taken to my parents during my last trimester.I once again gathered all my courage and filed a police complaint against him, charging rape & domestic violence. For him, it was once again behind the bars, with no regrets so far.

I gave birth to a daughter who departed me just after 12 days of her birth. It left me vacant.I was in dread & distress for a few months. 

I started a small grocery shop in my area and soon got some help from a NGO that worked for upliftment of survivors like me. I took charge of my work and found new hope.

The NGO people made me realize that, being just a victim and cribbing over it, won't help.I had to stand for myself. I dauntlessly started a new beginning with the NGO and try to rescue many others stuck in distress, just like me. It helped me heal myself.

 Now I live for myself, I support my parent's livelihood and, I spread awareness amongst the teenagers to not give up on themselves.


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