I for Introvert

I for Introvert

So, my conflict with my personality started a long while ago. Long before I had heard the terms 'Introvert' and 'Extrovert'. Long, long before I could comprehend that it is just a personality trait we are born with and nothing to be ashamed of. Long before I could understand that it is not a fault to be quiet and shy.

Long before I came to terms with myself and accepted ME as I am. For since as long as I remember I was asked to be more expressive or talkative or girl like.

Ahh! the idea of our society!

The habit of generalising and expecting girls to be more talkative, chatterboxes, and boys to be calm and quiet.

But it's not about the gender that decides our personality but our genes and heredity. Since forever I felt a little left out for not being girly, for not laughing out loud, for being reserved or whatever word you can add to the list and my misery!

I have been counselled enormous times by my good wishers to speak more to get more attention but then I would blankly wonder, 'Speak what...?'

Maybe I was too lost in my thoughts and never missed anyone's company or just good by myself.

But Yes! Man is a social animal.

Love it or loathe it we have to socialize.

And then I'm not all that boring without the fun kind of. I have a hidden fun side too that's revealed only when I am in the company of my closest ones and they cannot agree I am an introvert for they have seen only a different side of Me.

Nevertheless, the hesitation and the complex of being inferior to extroverts have taken a backseat in the past few months.

Writing, a stint that I just took up in the past few months has liberated me, making me more confident and acceptable to myself. It has certainly helped me come out of my shell and express without the fear of being judged. Every big or small win assures I'm on the right path. I have certainly evolved.

Now without any qualms, I'm happy to declare that I am an I for Introvert!

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