I Love ME !!

I Love ME !!

Scene 1

Hey !! What's up?? Meeting you after a long time.Surprised by her voice I turned back.Maya!! My friend met me in a shopping mall where I was busy buying my clothes. I was trying some outfits when she said "this is not looking good on you...try other one. I was like excuse me!! I loved this outfit and I look good in it, I am going to buy this.Maya was shocked to see my assertiveness,"Your wish I just thought to tell you that it's not suiting you "said my friend. Ofcourse its my wish and my choice.Your suggestion doesn't matter to me I thought in my mind.I payed the money got the one I liked.


Mrs Verma's daughter in law looks so beautiful and pretty,she is so tall everything suits her so well isn't?? Why don't you try her hairstyle and her dressing sense?Said my mother in law when we went for a kitty party. Yeah!! I said. "why would you appreciate your own daughter in law no matter how gracefully she dresses I thought in my mind."

Scene 3

I got this orange colour saree maa!! I showed it to my her and she reacted saying nice!! You Should have taken some other colour this will not suit you much ,I rolled my eyes and came out.

Scene 4

I ordered pasta and my husband ordered some thali ,he said honey! taste this ,it's much better than what you ordered,I raised my brows.

All these scenes are quite relateable to almost all of us right??

Does these thoughts ever crossed your mind?? Like Why people give their suggestions, advice,opinion and think their suggestions, opinions,decisions will matter to me??

It crossed my mind several times and then I did a self analysis (at times you need to do such things to know your own value).So I came to a conclusion that because all these years I allowed them to decide things for me,I gave importance to them, I had put them first, I valued their suggestions,instead of mine.The idea of being liked or loved by other people was more in my mind.I never thought for myself,I never loved myself,I never liked or spoke to myself,never understood myself.That didn't made me happy.So I started to work on myself.

one fine day I realised that I have put people first for too long and have been disappointed. The importance I gave to other People,they never bothered to acknowledge me back or get my suggestion,my opinion ,my decision related to them,they did what they felt was good for them.So it took me ,say like a 30 plus years to realise and learn that I need to love my self first ,that is my key to happiness.People like me, or don't like me it's not their job.To like ,love and know my self- worth is my job and I have excelled it. Since the day I started practicing self liking and self love,I am much more happier than I was ever.Practise makes a man perfect or rather a woman perfect, ummm... women are born perfect isn't??they don't need any practise?? Well jokes apart, The day you realise your self worth you start glowing from inside,you attract positivity,respect and appreciation.

I am sharing my experience with you all that will help you to gain that lost love for yourself.

Every thing starts with you.How you feel about yourself,what you want from life ,from yourself.Right ??  There is a saying I read somewhere "stand in front of the mirror for at least few seconds once in a day ,otherwise you will miss meeting an awesome person" These lines simply bowled my mind.

So to start with ,start talking to yourself,stand in front of the mirror, apologize to yourself ,say sorry that you underestimated yourself,never listened to yourself,say sorry for putting others first.Then tell yourself how much you have been through and you are still standing strong.Tell yourself that you don't care about people's liking for you ,it's not their job it's your's and you know how much you love/like yourself.Don't waste time on people who don't like you ,if they don't like you they should not matter to you.Stop yourself from proving anything to anybody,you know your worth and you know how valuable you are.

Promise yourself that you will always keep yourself happy,you are the queen of your life.Don't care if people judge you as selfish.Self love is never selfish it will only make you more worthy, valuable and indestructible.Start receiving the best, life is offering you.

Be yourself,like yourself,love yourself more.

Stay positive and be Magnetic

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