Imperfect to I’m perfect

Imperfect to I’m perfect

Perfect is the adjective embedded way before we actually understand its vast dimension !

'This is the perfect recipe!'

'This is the perfect gift!'

'This is the perfect job!'

'This is the perfect match!'

'This is a perfect family!'

The search for perfection is endless..

Perfection brings a sense of accomplishment and contentment .

But can we stop for a moment and think ‘ What I feel is perfect might be way to imperfect for you?'

A slight tinge of sweetness in every dish is perfect for me but for you every cuisine with a zest of lemon is the ultimate finesse .

My perfect man would be with a kind smile and generous heart while your dream person should step out of a Ferrari wearing a Rolex watch.

So the question is: Imperfect or I’m perfect.

A mother with a messy bun with toddlers around whose giggles bring immense joy is just perfect because she is in that perfect state of mind even though her living room is piled up with nappies and soiled clothes .

A painter feels most accomplished when the painting reflects her emotions even though her floor has lost its original texture under the stains of colours..

A doctor gets the sense of perfection after hours/days of untiring effort when the patient recovers and leave the hospital even though 100s of calls remains unanswered on his cell phone.

Perfection is a state of mind.

But imperfection is that route to endless possibilities , possibilities to attain perfection and then  perfection will be the destination where we will stop the journey .

So, Can we re-arrange the letters and let the miracle happen ?

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