In search of my forte!- Blog post by Saumya Nair Goyal

In search of my forte!- Blog post by Saumya Nair Goyal

"What is your forte in writing?" One of my friends inquired.

I looked up with a blank expression, speechless.

"Do you write it or do you copy it from somewhere?" Came the second question with a sarcastic tone.

I guess my friend was in the mood to annoy me, or else she was watching too much KBC. 

So she had left me wondering, "What is my forte?"

I try my level best to write on a variety of topics, and I'm not sure if I specialise in any particular field. 

So I'm back to wondering, "What is my speciality?"

Throughout the night, I was perplexed as to which field I was specialised in. 

Was it social issues, writing a thriller, or the romance genre?

After much deliberation, I decided to change the subject. 

But wait, the impatient me won't let me stop thinking.

So I'm back on the hunt for my niche. 

I called one of my cousins, whom I always turn to when I'm in a pickle. 

"Di, what is my area of expertise?" I inquired. 

"Ammu, how can I tell you what your strong suit is? That is something you can answer." The response came. 

"Don't get me wrong, Di. I'd like to know what field I write best in." I expressed my concern.

"All right, so let me guess!" exclaimed my inspirational didi.

I waited for her to respond, but she was preoccupied with her work.

"When do you feel your best, Ammu?" Di inquired. 

On the other end of the phone, I was speechless. 

"Uhh...Di..." was my initial reaction.

"Really! You have no idea?" Didi exclaimed.

"Di, think about it and get back to me later. Now I need to spend time with children. It's time to have some fun." I said, putting the phone down.

My older son enjoys doing crafts with me, so I make time for it. 

Later, my younger child enjoys looking at brightly coloured pictures and eagerly awaits me to read him his storybooks. I'm not sure if he, a one-and-a-half-year-old, understands what I'm reading.

After all of this, it's finally time to cook. I'm not a great cook, but I try to make everything that everyone at home enjoys. 

So here I am, sitting on my balcony, wondering how what it is that I enjoy the most.


Aah! My phone beeps.

That's Didi's call.

I'm sure she knows the answer. 

"Hello, Di!" I responded.

"Hello, Ammu, are you done with your housework?" Didi inquired.

"Yes! Everyone is watching a movie now that the kids have gone to bed. I'm sitting on the balcony right now." I replied.

"Oh, you must be exhausted!" Didi stated.

"Not at all! You already know how much I enjoy doing things around the house for everyone." I responded.

"Di, did you figure out what my speciality is?" I inquired once more.

"Ammu, you just answered that question," Di said after a brief pause.

Is that what I heard? Had I responded? I pondered.

She was correct! 

My family was my bliss, and once I started writing about them, it brought a huge smile to my face, and I never hesitated to write down emotions associated with them. 

Yes, I can now boldly declare that my forte in writing is to write about my children, husband, parents, and siblings. 

I was looking for an answer that was right in front of my eyes the entire time.

This is so prevalent that we look for answers and rely on others to provide them, yet the answer is always right in front of us, ready to be addressed.

So, friends, let's all look for the solutions, and please let me know what is your forte. 

I'd love to hear from every one of you.



Image courtesy- Pixabay

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