Increasing stress causing health issues.

Increasing stress causing health issues.

On 6th December, I got a strain in my right shoulder and then started the whole drama of rushing from one doctor to another. During these 10 days I consulted to three doctors and then finally came to know, it’s because of increasing sugar level and reaching to the edge of pre-diabetic.

So, now it’s a bitter truth that I am pre-diabetic with high risk of entering to diabetic stage.

Let me share the observations that I had/have on my health:

Recently I have gained good amount of weight. Kgs and inches both are increasing as they are in to competition with each other.

Blurry vision is troubling me so much that I have not taken my car out for last 15 days. Reading over laptop or mobile has become a huge problem, it has literally put on hold or say slowed down the projects I was working on.

I feel tired most of the time and don’t want to go for morning walk even.

And the major is; continuous thirst and hunger.

So, I spoke in length to my doctor about the possible reasons and I am sharing her take on this.

You will be surprised to read that she described all this with a single word “STRESS”.

Yes, doctor said all this is related to the stress and my answer was “No, I have no stress and no reason at all to be stressed.”

But her take was: At some or other point of life we all go through some kind of stress and now days because of the changed life style due to COVID-19, stress has become a part of normal life. We may or may not realize this but its creating its own place within us. Stress triggers may be different like; work stress, work load, kids stress, house management or any other issues.

Then I observed my own lifestyle and realized that sleeping for 6 hours and then the long sitting hours in office then managing kids studies and kitchen + home. All the day I am working, either for office or for house and this is too much. Even though I claim to spend quality time with my family still the time being spent for self care is non-known.

 We all are compelled to deal with stress and we need to be careful to correct before it start interfering with our health. I am worried now and have started planning my day to make it more meaningful for myself. As remedial steps I have started following the healthy diet plan given by the dietician, have started taking breaks at work and is taking help of family in house chores.

I suggest everyone to take care of you first. Nothing is more important than being healthy and fit.

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