Is The Time Spent In The Kitchen Your Happy Time?

Is The Time Spent In The Kitchen Your Happy Time?

"Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are so many flavors, it's how you combine them that sets you apart - Wolfgang Puck.

If I had come across this quote a year back I would have blatantly disagreed with Wolfgang. Till a year back cooking to me meant something that has to be done so that we could eat. We eat to live and we cook to eat so cooking was just a mode of survival for me. But marriage changed my perspective. My love for my husband coerced me to learn the nuances of cooking. I began to find joy in the game of spices. The sound made by the sputtering of the mustard seeds or the sound produced while chopping the vegetables sounded like music to my ears. I began to experiment with various delicacies. I gradually honed my culinary skills and began to fall in love with the art of cooking.

But the aftermath of cooking, the greasy countertop, the oily vessels in the sink and the soiled kitchen terrified me. During my initial days in the kitchen, I finished with the cooking and then began to wash the utensils and clean the countertop. But I found it a laborious process. I realised that most of my time was consumed in the kitchen and by the time I completed all the cooking and cleaning I felt weary and not an iota of energy, would be left of me. So I began to multitask. Though "slow and steady", " one thing at a time" are tried and tested formulas they didn't work for me.

Here are few tips I applied to make my time in the kitchen a happy time

*Plan: Decide what to cook for breakfast and lunch the previous evening itself. Make sure all the ingredients are available and are well organized. This will prevent unnecessary chaos and save time.

*Refill: Refill the empty containers with ingredients like cumin, mustard, turmeric and keep them ready for use.

*Prep for breakfast while preparing the morning tea - By doing so we will be able to squeeze some time for ourselves. Spending some time basking in the morning sun is refreshing. This Me Time will help us rejuvenate and we will be all set to embrace the new day.

*Clean and cook: Don't postpone washing of the utensils. I understand that it's not a pleasing task but it is a part and parcel of our everyday life. I have always detested dipping my hand in the green detergent but I have realized over time that cleaning the utensils on time saves nine.

*The ever messy countertop: The countertop is bound to get messy and greasy. Try to wipe off the greasy marks, flour dust and the others immediately with a cloth. On the spot, cleaning will not just save time but will also minimize the utilization of your energy.

*Don't go overboard - Try not to cook too many delicacies on a single day. Plan and decide what to cook when.

*Just ask- You cook round the clock throughout the year. But on days you hit a low it\"s okay to not cook. You can either serve just curd rice (Something that doesn't need much effort to make) or order from your favorite restaurant.

*Delegate- Delegate the kitchen chores. One cannot do everything by themselves.

*Cook what you love- We all cook the food our family loves to eat. But once in a while prioritize yourself. Cook what you love.

*Don't stress out - Also remember that it is not always possible to keep the kitchen spic and span. So if you aren't able to do the cleaning job occasionally ditch the detergent and wiping cloth and get out of the kitchen.

Some love to multitask while others love to do things slow and steady. Chose what suits best for you and go on. The bottom line is in the pursuit of catering to everyone's needs don't ignore yourself. Love thyself.

Wish you all a happy time in the kitchen.

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