It's OK Maa, you can go wrong too!

It's OK Maa, you can go wrong too!

Maa, the epitome of love and sacrifice, the one who dedicates her life completely in taking care of her kids, the one who never shirks away from any responsibility, the one who forgets her share of happiness in the process of nurturing and nourishing her kids.

She is seen as an ideal role model for all. But in this whole process we forget she is not God, she is human. She has her own desires, her wishes, she can go wrong too, she can forget things, she can mess herself and her belongings, she needs a shoulder too, she is human too.

When the children grow up they start finding faults in her, still she never feels bad but keeps trying to change herself according to the wishes and desires of her children. 

Maa, please dress up nicely for my PTM.
While saying this a child forgets that all these years he was not aware where his things were kept, how they were maintained , it was his mother who dressed him for every occassion.

Maa, you don't know how to cook continental.
You have grown consuming her feed, those mashed potatoes and bananas, specially cooked Dals and many more things. Don't forget that, please.

Maa, you don't know how to speak in English.
The One who taught you how to speak, are you saying that to her?

The saree crease, hair cut, dressing sense, unawareness of brands and many more things.

Stop for a minute and think, she's human too. She can do mistakes, shes the one who never mentioned your mistakes, still changed you completely with her indirect moral stories or examples.

Doesn't she deserve to be told , "It's ok, Maa. It happens. You will still be the Best for me."

Accept her the way she is, as she is the Best in her own Way. 

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