Let the flight take off #Weeklyblogpost #MyBloggingJourney

Let the flight  take off #Weeklyblogpost #MyBloggingJourney

Like most of us, I grew up reading English Classics and of course the most approved fiction books for the primary age â€¦.yes, the Enid Blyton and Nancy Drews. In the higher grades, romantic novels and legal thrillers blithely replaced them. I was also fond of skimming through the popular Reader’s Digest, fashion and movie magazines of those times. ( no wonder I enjoy writing articles the most:)


Through the years, times changed and the paper publications slowly gave way to digital editions. And I would say, so did the writers. Their pen and diary were now swapped with the blank document on their electronic screens, waiting to be filled with the ink of their imaginations. I also joined the bandwagon of the digital world, but still as an ardent reader. Never did it cross my mind that I could write too, even though I always tried reframing the sentences and stories I was reading in my mind!


Decades later, a bunch of my knows launched a digital lifestyle magazine. Reading the articles in there, somehow tempted me to try my hand at writing. I followed my intuitive temptation and attempted to write my opinions on raising up a teenager. I inked my honest experiences and thoughts. I was excited to read my piece in black and white and was thrilled beyond expectation to read the encouraging comments that poured in at the end of the write-up. And that’s when it all started! My very first write gave me the wings of conviction and I took flight and started penning travelogues, interview excerpts and blogs periodically for the magazine.


Then the remarkable 2020 happened. The free time amidst the newly demanding lockdown schedule, made me take off my flight of writing to higher grounds. I experimented writing for various digital mediums, which gave me the push and assurance to embark on the journey of scribbling short stories and poems. And winning the excellence and appreciation awards for the same added the fuel of confidence… and there has been no looking back ever since! 

Today, when I read my work, it thrills me no doubt and fills me with pride accomplishment, but more than anything, motivates me to improve on my passion and contentment! I know I am not great as a writer/blogger but happy to see myself rising on my graph of self-improvement everyday. As Da Vinci said “learning never exhausts the mind”… so keep exploring, let the flight of your talent take off…. as everyone has some talent hidden as a treasure inside of them!

(C) Vandana Oke

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