Letter from a NON-MOM to all MOMS

Letter from a NON-MOM to all MOMS

Hey all mommies there,

I understand that (fortunate) mothers are not always picture perfect, manicured or pedicured. And that your lives are chaotic,u messy, hectic and you all love that right? The best part of it is, that your lives are real and pragmatic and most women crave for such chaotic life, at least I do.

The cynosure of your eyes have always been your babies, since the evolution of mankind.

My mother used to say that, though the umbilical cord severs after the birth of a baby, rendering individual identities to mother and child, but mothers bear her children mentally throughout their lives! That’s the sanctity and beauty of this relationship.

Even I want to be a mommy, and I’ve been trying since past half a decade and still trying. Whenever, me and my husband attend any functions someone will come up to us and say “I hope you have a baby soon”. In naming ceremonies and birthdays, we will hear next is your turn. New years and birthdays we get to hear, “I hope this year you will have a baby”. It’s worse if someone married after you already got a baby comparison starts off right away.

At times I just feel, why can’t these people leave us alone. And why should our life be perfect, bug us if we got good marks, if we got a job, if that was campus placed, when we are getting married, now baby. The list is interminable!

In other countries even young people back answer older people if they don’t like what they say. But in India it’s the biggest offence. The problem is not every one cares for you. Some people genuinely care that we should have a baby soon, others are quite happy that nothing is happening. Those are the ones I hate.

Watch out even before you advice people without kids or give doctor recommendations, there is a way to do it without hurting.

Not having a baby is not a crime there can be many reasons. Some people are waiting for it to happen, some do not want kids, some like to adopt, whatever it is, it’s their problem.

So my only request is if you come across childless couples, there is so much more to talk. If there is some good news they will inform you.

Love all you mommas here, I too will be momma soon but after umpteen years of trying. Do pray for me.


NON momma,who wants to be a momma soon

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