Letter to Year 2020

Letter to Year 2020

Dear Year 2020,

Thank you for teaching us the valuable life lessons. The new terms we learned from you are COVID-19, Coronavirus, Quarantine, Lockdown, Self-Isolation.

Lockdown 1.0 that was of 21 days was overwhelming for parents and children. That was the time we reconnected with family and shared the strongest love bond. The challenges were made up of the children’s team versus the parents’ team. We four teams participated enthusiastically. The role and responsibilities of a parent were shifted to children through proper guidance and communication and vice versa. The purpose of this 21-day challenge was to experimentally learn the art of empathizing while bonding with family members.

Our Mindfulness game began as follow:

  • Conscious level: The task was on doing the household work of mothers by children and for parents to create something from the old toys of their children. This level taught us an important life lesson on our mind consciousness. We were feeling extremely happy and good by sharing one after another experience.
  • Focus and Observation: The task was, for children to prepare a list of the things that are needed after the lockdown opens and for parents to observe the curiosity of their children throughout the day. This task taught us life lessons on focus, observation, feelings that were quite peaceful and relax due to controlled thoughts and emotions.
  • Effective Time Management: The task was for children to prepare a graph of the events that can’t be forgotten to date and for parents to draw a family tree on a paper or chart and describe two special qualities of each member. The lesson here we Learn was boosting the brain memory with effective utilization of time.
  • Choosing out of many alternatives: The task was, for children to find interesting information from news, share with parents and write it down, and for parents to pick any one subject book of children and share some life lessons to their kid. We learned from this task that out of so many ready information available, the power lies in selecting the best.
  • Importance of seeds and plants:Here, The task for children was to explain which tree you like and why? For parents to explain the importance of seed to their children. The lesson we learn is of how sowing and reaping on our own thoughts mould the direction later in our lives.

All in all, we took valuable lessons by doing the challenging tasks each day without judgment rather with a lot of enthusiasm on following the instructions like clapping hands, giving energetic smiles, parent and child pat their back, and so on.

My heartfelt gratitude to you for teaching us value of life, essential things, optimum utilisation of technology by being mindful with several activities. You are both blessing and curse. Yet to be more optimistic, you taught us to explore our inner hidden talents and skills.

Thanking you,

Yours Survivor

Kanisha Shah

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