Little Minds Carry a Lot

Little Minds Carry a Lot

Arshia,a 3 year old used to cry bitterly while going to school...Her mother dropped her to school everyday and the innnocent child used to cling to her mother and cry aloud.She was never happy to leave her mother.The whole day she used to be restless and always wanted to go back home as early as possible..Her teacher tried her best to know and work out the reason for it,but all in vain.

Until one day she overheard Arshia talking to her friend, who asked her why she cries so much everyday.Arshia said softly that she doesn't want to leave her mom as she might not find her mom back when she will go back home after school..Her friend said that mummies are always at home when we go back..and little innocent Arshia said that my mom might not be there as mumma has told papa that she will leave the house..The teacher was stunned..

That was the day when they came to know that Arshia's parents fight everyday and her mom says that she will get divorced and leave that house forever.Those words echoed in Arshia's ears and mind all day long and made her so uncomfortable,insecure and disturbed.

Imagine the impact words can have on the psyche of a small child.It is very inhuman and insensitive to fight in front of small kids.Though conflicts between a couple is a normal part of a married life but what matters is the way you express that conflict.Abusive language,harsh words,physical abuse,threatening of divorce or separation leads to emotional and mental trauma in a child.

The destructive expression that parents use for each other make children either distraught, worried,anxious, hopeless or aggressive and also develops behaviour problems in them at home or at school.It also leads to lot of health issues in children.There are many studies done on this matter which show that children who are insecure in kindergarten are likely to have major adjustments problems in their teens.

So parents be very careful and mind your words and actions while talking in front of your children.Sit, discuss the issues but not in front of the innocent souls.Keep their mind and soul free from all the chaos and mayhem so that they can fully enjoy and live their childhood.

#The sign of great parenting is not the child's behavior, the sign of truly great parenting is the parent's behavior....

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