Lock Down and Bussiness Ideas

Lock Down and Bussiness Ideas

Childhood friendship is precious and these friends are really “ANMULLE”.

We were a group of 8-9 friends during college and few years back whatsap again made us sit and chat with each other.  Trust me, when we chat we literally forget that we are grown up and family people now.  Anything and everything is allowed to share in this group.

This lockdown the only saviors for we all were the phone and internet. O, thanks to this digital era that made lives little easier during this pandemic.  So we chat everyday and mostly we share day’s activities.

We all living in different cities-Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Gujarat etc and having  different life styles and status.  While discussing I noticed the variety of talent and business skills coming out of the women. I am working as a teacher that indeed has recently become a full day job because of online schooling hence no time for other jobs or whatever time is left, I love to spend on writing.

But, my friends came up with amazing business ideas. Let me share with you all- One of my friends who is having a village and farmers background SOLD HUGE QUANTITIES OF MANGOES in her neighborhood itself.

One of them contacted to a garments factory and when no malls or shops were open she managed to BUY AND SELL THE LADIES WEAR in her society.

Other one who is a trained kitchen manager, took the benefit of closed hotels, restaurants, she COOKED AND DELIVERED THE EVENING SNACKS (SOUR AND SPICY) in her society.

And the smart lady in Pune, she tied up with some vegetable farms and TOOK THE BOOKING AND MANAGED THE DOOR DELIVERIES OF VEGETABLE.

One of friend got in touch with Women Entrepreneur and ARRANGED DOOR DELIVERY FOR HET NEIGHBORS FOR THE SOAPS, OIL, PICKLE, CHATNIES, ETC.

Likewise, so many bright ideas I got that my friends actually implemented. This is how they served others in this difficult time and earned something for themselves.

Check with your friends ladies, what magic they brought to their lives in this difficult phase, and then see what you are good at..no I don’t mean that lock down should be implemented again but in general life also we all can start any time and anything..All the best.

Madhu Dhiman

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