Maya’s Untold Story

Maya’s Untold Story

“Richa! Richa! Where are you?” screamed Maya.

“Raj , Where is Richa? She was playing with her toys when I left,” she asked her husband Raj.

Oh! She has gone to Suraj Uncle’s house. He took her home promising to tell her many stories.”

“How dare you send her there without my permission? I asked you to monitor her. You are completely irresponsible,” Maya sounded hysterical as she rushed to bring Richa back home.

By then, Richa came running inside the house.

“ Which story did Suraj uncle tell you? Did he ask anything else? Did he try to hug you?” Maya bombarded Richa with several questions one after the other.

“Maa! Suraj uncle’s daughter, Dia didi had come. She played with me,” exclaimed Richa.

Maya heaved a sigh of relief.

Maya, it’s time I ask you something. You are always protective about Richa. You become very anxious if any male is around her. I don’t want to dig your past but just tell me – Has it got something to do with your past experience dear?”

Maya remained still. She did not utter a word. Tears started trickling down her eyes.

“Let it out dear! I am your husband. I don’t want you to be tormented by your past. Just tell me and you will feel better.”

Maya started sobbing like a little girl and began narrating her story…..

“It happened a long time ago. I was eight years old. I used to be a very happy girl. I had a lot of friends to play. Both my parents were working. My grandmother used to take care of me when they were not around. My father’s uncle used to visit us frequently. He used to play with me, tell stories and gift me many dolls. But one day, when my Grandma was asleep, he took me to a room and asked me to play strange games. During that time I did know how to differentiate between good and bad touch. He behaved in a very inappropriate manner. At one point when it hurt a lot I started screaming. This alerted my Grandma and she came. But he just lied to her that I had fallen down and got hurt. Since he was liked by everyone in my family they just believed him. I did not have the courage to talk about what had happened to me because I assumed that nobody would believe me.

After that incident, whenever that Uncle came I used to go to my friend’s house. And one day fortunately he moved to a different city. That one incident was enough to disrupt my innocence and mental state of mind completely.I started hating men. 

As I grew I had made up my mind not to marry. But I am glad I met you. You changed my life entirely with your unconditional love. I did not want to bother you by talking about my past.Though I try to forget that dark incident of my life, I keep getting flashes of it every now and then.During such times I feel helpless. Being a mother I will never let this happen to our child. I know how it can wreck one’s mind emotionally.”

Raj hugged Maya.

“I am glad you opened up Maya. I totally understand. I am here to offer you all my support. Don’t worry. Let us educate our daughter about this in a way that she can comprehend.”

Maya felt much better after talking to Raj about her tormented past. 


Sexual abuse is a very complicated form of abuse where the victim hesitates to come forward owing to the feeling of guilt and shame involved. Child abuse in any form can be detrimental to the healthy growth of a child. As parents it is our duty to have an open discussion about anything that seems to be troubling the child. Apart from us, the school and caregivers also play an equally important role in educating a child regarding this. If we suspect that a child is undergoing abuse it is critical to report it and also seek professional help if needed.

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