Effective ways to maintain Menstrual hygiene

Effective ways to maintain Menstrual hygiene

Mensturation is a natal and healthy part of life for every women.

We have face it every month so maintaining menstrual  hygine is very important .

In India only 36% of women are aware of menstrual hygiene. So it become very important Every women should know about menstrual hygiene. 

Few Ways to maintain menstrual hygiene. 

*choose right material - now a days various material are aviliable in the market. Like sanitary napkins, tampons, menstrual cup etc. Choose cotton sanitary pads and tampons do not use gel technique based pads they can promote bacterial infection. Or either you can use menstrual cup that is also an very good option. 

*change your pads frequetly - do not use a pads,tampons or cup more than 6 hours. There is very high risk of UTI, and other bacterial infections if you use all these for more than 6 hours. 

*do not use chemical - during menstruation using soap or other washes are really harmful.  Our body is already going through a natural cleaning mechanism. good bacteria are produced to help in cleansing process but if you use chemical it can kill those good bacteria so avoid them. 

* right technique to clean - it's very important that you use right method of cleaning clean in forward direction from vagina to anus never use reverse method bacteria of anus can really harm the vagina so do avoid that 

*correct method of disposal - disposing the sanitary material in correct way is very important. If you through it directly into the environment it can produce bacteria and create a foul smell. So wrap it into the paper and put it in plastic and dispose it. Or an environment friendly method is to cover the napkin and burn that the remaining ash will work as compost. 

Hope this will help you. 

Have a nice day 

#stay safe #stay healthy. 

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