Mental Health Day

Mental Health  Day

Mental health day is celebrated every year on 10th October with an objective of creating the awareness on importance of mental health.

Mental health means the emotional and psychological well being of an individual. It tells about the way people feel, behave and respond.

This year mental health day holds more importance as due to Covid-19 pandemic the lives of people have changed globally. People are witnessing a never before kind of situation.

There is no class of the society that could escape from the bear of being caught with virus or that can deny its affects on life.

Doctors are fearful of going out and treating patients because of the chances of getting infected.

Teachers are complaining of doubling of the workload due to the digital classes. Moreover who are not friendly with digital world, it is proving to be a bigger challenge for them.

Kids cant go out to play and 24 hours they are locked inside the houses moreover studying digitally has become even a bigger challenge. For some students it is very difficult to afford a smart phone so they are suffering with loss of studies.

People are suffering with loss of business, jobs and income. And this is how its affecting their livelihood, life style and consumption patterns.

Due to closed shops and job losses, people’s buying behaviors s affected that’s automatically affecting the economy in an adverse manner.

All above and fear of losing lives or losing our near and dear ones is literally pushing the people in a poor mental health condition. It’s needless to say that the need of discussing and implementing the measures for mental health are far more important than ever now. Social isolation has taken the people in a different mindset that’s making most of the people feel insecure. This is the time when they need psychological or mental support. We understand that the need of investing in mental health is increasing and will keep on increasing in coming days.

Madhu Dhiman 

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