Mom! Do you feel locked at home, just like me?

Mom! Do you feel locked at home, just like me?

Just a few days back, I was in a conversation with my friend. And, we kept talking about, since the lockdown, how difficult it has become for the homemakers to continue doing the same thing day in and out, without any break. We echoed for the same thought, that we miss our life, that was before lockdown.

After this conversation, I kept thinking for a while, that so much has changed for us. Though we are trying our best, still we get disturbed, just with the fact that we are at home since  few months.

At the same time, thoughts kept coming in my mind, of my aunts, mother in law, and others falling in the same age group. Is it the same with them?

Do they also feel that they are locked inside, in this lockdown?

Well, no one better than themselves to answer this. But what I sensed from the casual talks with the women in my family is, yes, they do feel it but are used to it as nothing much has changed for them.

Is it? Yes, because, most of the time, the majority of them had and still have the same routine for years with some slight changes occasionally.

Even, earlier they were not used to be on a shopping spree, or  hanging out with friends, going for a trip in every season or getting a break from the kitchen routine without any major reason. Weekday or weekend, regular days or festival days, for them it was always been the same. They have been leading a monotonous life since long which was like a lockdown in new terminology.

This was solely because that is the routine they were introduced to .

Did they felt frustrated? Did they felt depressed? Did they thought about stopping everything and just follow their heart? Did they felt the urge to just be free?

Of course, Yes! Then why they did not do anything about it? What was stopping them?

 That's the way their daily life was. In an indirect way, circumstances made them learn to adjust, adapt, and accept. It was not like following the stereotypes or not following it. It was just the way their life was and still is. For them socialising was more of a family thing rather than spending time with people outside the family circle. Cooking was done with that humble feeling of keeping everyone's liking in mind. Ordering food was the rarest thing. Whatever time they got after all this, was dedicated to children.

That's how their life revolved day in and out.

They might have felt the need to step out of the house but even if they did not, they never complained. These things from their past have helped them to sustain this lockdown and though they are equally worried just like us, the concern for them is more health-related, than all other factors. They would never say this, but I feel they want to say - What's the big deal of staying indoors for so long?

They have mastered the process to go with the flow and acceptance, over the years.

And thus, they silently admit they do not feel locked inside the lockdown. They just miss doing things, like going for a walk, or visiting the temple, or meeting family and some friends etc. But, they are hopeful that time will change and also grateful to the almighty with what they have. Lockdown or no lockdown, our life remains more or less the same, effortlessly they say.

When you share your thoughts, what you get in reply from them?
Yes, I know. Yes, my dear, I understand.
These are not mere statements or sympathy.
Rather, it means I have crossed half of my journey in the same way. For you, it has been only a few months.

You are not going to spend your life like this, forever, Are you? They ask me.

I reply, No, not at all. Once the situation eases a bit, I will do this and definitely do not do that.Go here, and there and the list continues.

While I say this, silently I ask them.

What are you going to do?

And I know their reply.

Sushma Tripathy

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