Motherhood-A fearless new beginning.

Motherhood-A fearless new beginning.

As goes the famous adage “Rome was not built in a day”, similarly ‘Mothers’ are built over time, right from scratch on a bare canvas. They’re comprised of a gazillion of emotions viz, fear, ecstasy, exuberance, satisfaction, mirth, glee to name a few. Albeit, they all have a common objective of bestowing unconditional love to their off springs, there is ‘NO ONE WAY’ of doing it.

Though raising tiny humans is hard but still, we mothers enjoy this messy and no-so-perfect journey and embrace it with arms wide open. It’s a journey of discoveries, reflections, failures, successes, joys, uncertainties which ultimately illuminates our world. So saying “she is just a mother” is akin to saying “Oh… it’s just a sun”.  


Sarah was on cloud nine, post the success of IVF post umpteen failed attempts. Sam and Sarah waited with bated breath to welcome the little one.

Finally, the D-day has arrived. Sarah could hear the feeble sounds of machines beeping but could barely react as she was groggy owing to the medications. With conditions of eclampsia and gestational diabetes, things gradually worsened.

“The baby is in distress; you’ve got to push” the doctor uttered. Those muffled words inundated Sarah’s mind with panic and anxiousness. The world seemed to collapse in front of her eyes, the dreams that Sam and herself weaved together were blurred.

I can’t push” whimpered Sarah.

“You’ve got this. you can do it” were the motivational words of the doctor.

Sarah pushed with an unendurable pain, with all her might. And finally, the baby’s cry fills the room.

Happiness surfs out of sweat streams making space for sheer bliss and happiness.

With inexplicable joy she gasps for breath, tears welled up as she held her little bundle of joy tightly against her chest.

Though Sarah was numbed with pain, she realized the meaning of the word ‘Courage’ and ‘Fearlessness’ all over again. It nestles within the womb of every new mother, unrealized till she hears her baby’s cry.

That very moment was born a mother who was fearless laced with undaunted courage and all that matters to her is her child’s well-being. With every child is born a mother, with strengths that even the mother herself was unaware of. Such is the power of ‘Motherhood’.

Those sleepless nights, those reeking clothes, those unkempt hair, those bleary eyes all contribute to the making a strong ‘Mother’ who fears none and can even move a mountain if need be for the wellbeing of her children. To a mother, her child is an interminable source of power, to which she continues to surrender till her last breath allowing unconditional love to flow freely.


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