My Kaleidoscope of Memories #weekendpoetry

My Kaleidoscope of Memories #weekendpoetry

Gazing through old picture album, scent of memories caressed my mood,
Some were faint, some are fresh,
Many I cherish lovingly but few wrap me in mesh.

Memories remind me of things that have gone before,
of special people and time, I"ll never see anymore.

Memories from childhood will stay with me forever,
Taking me where I have been,to rewind time is my sincere endeavour.
Pieces of puzzle I lived on,learnt lessons to never complain,
Without worries of life,how happily I then sustained.

Memories of adolescence wander me to glistening times,
Spending time with friends, juggling to build a career always hovered my mind.
College life will be eternally rooted in my heart which flew with a blink of eye,
Recalling those moments gift smile, are precious that even money can't buy.

Memories when I first met my soulmate is etched in my heart,
Majestic was our first date,a new journey was about to start.
Poised,smart and simple was he,
chirpy, talkative,complicated was me,
Like a rainbow,my life was painted in colors multi.

Memories of my bidaai bring tears to my eyes,
I cried as a baby, didn't want to say goodbye.
Hugged mom dad, like there's no tomorrow,
I wished I had some more time, some more I could borrow.

Memories when I cradled my daughter the moment she was born,
Marvelous was the atmosphere, mellifluous music was all around.
Altered figure, remoulded body shape didn't ever bother,
The happiness she brought cannot be measured nor given from any other.

Life has such treasures which time is always stealing,
Nothing can ever stay with us is true, a bitter feeling.
Days will die, but moments can live in you,
Unlock every second to cover your present and future in memories and their hues.

Shweta Gupta

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