As a parent we are called on to play many roles in our child's life. One of the most important is to create a loving and stimulating environment for the child. Another is to monitor his or her healthy development. Yet another is to encourage in our child a good self-image to help our child grow. Our consistent unconditional love, acceptance, concern, sympathy, respect , maintaining a sharing, dignified relationship and encouraging freedom and independence with clearly defined limits are certainly the best bases from which to build one.

A parent is responsible for encouraging imagination, instilling discipline and teaching helpfulness amongst other things. 

It is important, therefore for parents to make use of skills that will help them to do their job better.

Some important things to keep in mind while parenting helps us to nuture a good human soul.

1. Set appropriate goals

2. Always join in with your child rather than interrupting them

3. Repeat, repeat, repeat

4.Give positive examples, do not shriek. Sentences that begin with "do not", communicate displeasure from the moment you start to speak.

5. Make sure your child can remember instructions. Learning is acquired through gradual maturation and the repetition of actions, which enable habits to form in our child.

6. Don't interrupt, for every young child needs attention which has to be dramatic and obvious. 

7. Know when to forbid, state things positively  there have to be times when you need to say "no" and our child must understand that when you say "no" whatever he is doing is forbidden.

8. Create a loving family climate to have children who are more helpful, empathetic and more thoughtful towards others. 

9. Give rules and explain why .

10. Set useful tasks to rear helpful children .

11. Discipline is more than correcting undesirable behavior. It also means helping our child to develop in a healthy way, mentally, emotionally and physically. 

12. Meal times is a major activity and one of the best ways of bringing family together and teaching how to interact with a group. It helps for creating a rhythm in family life.

13. Going to bed and waking up times have to be particular time rigidly adhered to, but it should have some kind of regular proceedings, a kind of ritual.

We know that a child starts to absorb information from the moment he or she is born, and it is from parents that a child gets most of his information. Parents, therefore, become totally responsible for their child's early learning and their role as teachers is great.

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