My Profession, My Choice!

My Profession, My Choice!

Rekha-"Mom I am a topper throughout, a graduate in commerce and have done MBA. How can I opt for a teaching job? Please mom, don't expect me to change my profession."

Mom- "Beta it's your age to get married and corporate jobs are not easy. They demand a lot of time and long hours. Uff... how will you manage? Believe me, a teaching job is the best for women. You can come home on time, spend time with your family, have winter and summer breaks. It will be so convenient."

Rekha- "You are mistaken mom. It's not that easy. It has its own pressures, commitment level, you need a hell lot of patience to deal with kids. And now, when I have got a great opportunity overseas, you want me to back out? If I can adjust with my husband's job commitments then so can he."

This is ghar ghar ki kahani. As everybody wants women to concentrate more on home, kids, husband, and in-laws. than their own preferences, choices, and their professional life. A housewife's job is no less than anyone. They also work 24×7 for their family, but staying at home or to work outside or to choose where to work should be a personal choice and not something imposed on a woman by society or family. She should be given that freedom to choose a profession of her liking. It is not that air hostesses, IAS officers, high position holders in MNCs can't run their families. It is all about adjustment and understanding amongst family members.

And please no profession is easy! Mommies, aunties, chachis, buas; please stop saying that teaching is an easy profession. In today's world, specially in todays scenario of online teaching, I guess it is one of the most responsible, demanding and answerable profession. A profession which is considered to be the noblest, paid the least and for which the requisites are lot of dedication, hard work and patience. Days and nights go into planning a curriculum, finding innovative and interesting ways to teach, dealing with a child's psychology and more of parent's these days and so on. Even in vacations, there are extra duties and so many other things to plan for. The grass is always greener on the other side...

Teaching is a profession which gives birth to all the other professions in the world. A child's career is laid by a teacher. His life gets a direction by a teacher. So kindly don't think that it is easy. A teacher plays a pivotal, impeccable role in shaping the future of a life.

"A teacher holds a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart." Respect a person's choice and respect their profession.

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