My two years of blogging - Ek Maa, ek blogger

My two years of blogging - Ek Maa, ek blogger

Being a healthcare professional, I was always busy with my job and when I got married, keeping a balance between my personal and professional life became my prime focus. And then sparkles shone in my life when two pink lines filled my soul with myriad flows and I was soon a mother of a adorable girl.

My motherhood journey consisted of stress, fun, twists and turns. Time seemed to has just flew when we celebrated my daughter's third birthday and yes! I was a three years old mother.

I chose to be a stay at home mom and career took a back seat as I wished to spend every single second with my angel.

But the feeling of "kya yahi hai bus" started sinking in and 'kuch toh karna hai' spooled my ideas.Peeping into myself ,I knew I have to revise my default settings which I did when I came across a digital website stating "Begin your day with a WRITE note". And the seed was sown...

Not being a avid reader, interest in writing was never on my mind. But gradually my stagnant life got the WRITE PUSH. I realized why not pour my emotions weaved in words and pen down a BLOG where I could shout, I could laugh and even share my sorrows with full heart.

"Likh dalungi mann ke bhav ek kore kagaz par,

shor nahi samjhega koi use, na hasega koi meri kahani par."

September 2019, I published my first blog titled "Happiness is mother daughter time" which didn't garner much views but I was overwhelmed. I was a BLOGGER now.

Blogging gave me a renewed sense of self and I was serious about writing now.

From a renowned blogging site, I landed on various platforms which gifted me a space to write and showered me with certificates, accolades and appreciations (Thank you #thepinkcomrades). I was on cloud nine and gained confidence which I never knew I had.


Though initially, I posted inconsistently but realized I needed guidance.Instead of rushing,writing required poise.I wrote to win at beginning, but slowly I began to write to win hearts ?...

From blogging about my motherhood experience, marriage stories, parenthood, travelogues, poetry, vlogs and cooking, I enjoyed every genre and I just want to write.

My fellow bloggers and prolific writers became my source of inspiration and every review and feedback was a stepping stone in my journey helping me to grow into a better person as well as improve my skills. I've found a friend in one and all who encourage me every time.

It all started as a 'option' but now pen and paper has become my best buddies and writing my 'passion'.

My train of thoughts has found a new track and a positive destination. With no negativity to surround me, I feel proud of myself.

I explored a new 'hidden' version of myself where my creativity brims my new identity.

Thank you everyone for being a part of my blogging journey. I am still learning and I pay heartfelt gratitude to my family and friends for helping me shape my writing and supporting me to reset my status from MAA to a BLOGGER.

Lots of Love and thank you for sparing your time to read my post.

Shweta Gupta

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