No mummy mummy please!!!!

No mummy mummy please!!!!

Motherhood Oh flattering Motherhood!!

When someone says that, motherhood is a beautiful joyride, full of overwhelming moments,I just laugh allowed because,after being a mother to twins ( naughty & mischevious) ,the definition of motherhood has altered for me. Motherhood is that rollercoaster ride of different and difficult emotions that makes you weird and insane.

These days living as a mommy of two hyper toddlers has changed my world upside down.No doubt that,I get appreciation and heed for what I do as a mother but, does that relieve me from my responsibilities/duties? Is there any way I can free myself from my full time mommy job?

When I think of one thing from which I could free myself, immediately one by one my mommylicious commitments flash in front of me.

I always imagine getting a day to free myself from motherhood! (That is a beautiful emotion but, to be honest, sometimes it sucks me as an exhausting baggage.)

How I wish a day that begins with, me sipping a hot cup of tea, sitting in the balcony, adoring the fresh breeze!
Without worrying about the kids waking up and being cranky.

How I wish to cook a scrumptious meal for myself without any disturbance or annoyance!

How I wish to just cuddle up on the sofa doing nothing,listening to my favorite music, without any wee-wee waa-waa in the background!

How I wish to spend a day without that potty-cleaning job!

How I wish to actually get rid of the mumma-mumma song for a day!

How I wish to spend a day alone , calling and gossiping with my friends for hours without hiding in the washroom (from kids obviously)!

How I wish to go out and party without any worry and guilt of leaving my kids at home!

How I wish to take a warm bath for hours, without the kids screeching out for me, standing at the bathroom door!

How I wish to read a book without breaks for feeding and entertaining my kids! (and yelling 'leave me alone for sometime')

How I wish to cherish an old hobby and getting some time for self-pampering!

How I wish to not get judged by anybody for being a good or bad mother!

I know my words might be a raspy confession to many but, not all us mothers somewhere yearn for that perfect 'me time'. There are thus, many commitments in a single motherhood that I want to be guiltlessly free from, at least for day. Don't we all mothers crave for such escapade?

PS - These confessions are as good as a self-talk because motherhood is such a vivid feeling that, you can't live without it,even for a day!!

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