Nothing can stop you , if you dare to!

Nothing can stop you , if you dare to!

Hi! I am Rasika, I thought of narrating my story because, I know it will give many others the courage to stand for self, to not just give up and adjust.

I am a proud Mumbaikar,born & brought up with the spontaneousity of Mumbai. 4 years back, while I had just stepped out from my college,I had joined an architecture firm to get some experience in my field.

It was then, when my bua (paternal aunt) had bought a suitable match for my marriage.At first instance,my parents refused telling her that, we weren't yet ready for the marriage proposals.Very soon, bua came up with one more marriage proposal, which was just too perfect (so much that we could have doubted it,but we didn't).The boy was settled in Dubai with his parents,he was working with a Big4 there.Also, the cheery on the top was that,he was an architect too and, he was bua's nephew too.

She clued us that, they were visiting Mumbai for a month,next week.Hence, the meeting was fixed soonest. The boy seemed really good.I mean it wasn't that I was all ga ga over him on the first day but,I had kind of liked him (calm & decent).I right away said a yes (with a broad smile) for that rishta. But, there was something jabbing in my mummy's mind.She wasn't convinced for my marriage.My marriage date was fixed within a month as Vaibhav (the groom) and his family had to return to Dubai soon.Even a week before my marriage, mummy was warning me to think once more.It definitely muddled me but, the match was after all made by my bua whom we trusted more than ourselves.Thus, me and my baba were not in two thoughts.

After the marriage,we flew back to Dubai and there began the biggest drama of my life.Within a week,I got to know that,my husband isn't working with any big company but, he was a jobless since past few months.Nobody gave me any reason for it. Instead,my in-laws intimated me that, I must not share any of my problems and the situation to my parents in India.They forced me to work there for intensive hours and, expected me to do all the household chores as they never ever had any maid in the house.There was barely any relationship (emotional or physical) with my husband.I felt aloof, biased,there was always constant taunting for no reason.

In a year, I was tired to lying to my parents and living a dual life.It was Diwali, I had already booked my flight ticket without informing anybody at home.On the day of my journey,I just packed my bags and let on my in-laws and husband that,I was leaving for Mumbai.Obviously,they tried to harass me, to warn me but, I was unstoppable.

On reaching home,the first thing I did was called my bua to my place and narrated the whole truth of my husband and his family to her and my parents.My baba was initially shattered but,my mother strongly repented ,why did she let me marry him.But, my bua wasn't ready to accept the fact.She was still asking me if it was fault.

Without any postponement,we filed a divorce case. During that phase,me and my parents were put to cristisism. Finally,after 7 months of tough fight,I got divorced.And within a month of that,I lost my baba to cardiac failure.

It was me who was blamed for all that happened.My relatives were severe about the fact that, my stress was the reason for my Baba's death.But,I had my strength,my mummy by my side.

I thus,gathered all my grit, used my savings from Dubai to start my own architecture firm.Intially I went through a lot of struggle and faced many obstacles.And,here I am today standing dauntlessly running my firm successfully.Me and mommy are happy birds and I choose not to get remarried.

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