Obstacles Are Opportunities In Disguise

Obstacles Are Opportunities In Disguise

Tring Tring, Rithika's phone rang for the tenth time in a row. She has been evading the phone call for over a week now but the caller doesn't seem to budge.

"She's gonna pester me to allow her to resume work." thought Rithika.

"I'm busy with work. I'll call you back once I'm free." Rithika snapped at Lakshmi.

"Didi, please listen to what I have to say." pleaded Lakshmi.

"Go on," said an irked Rithika.

"Didi, I have prepared mango pickle at home and I wish to bring it for you," said Lakshmi.

"Why? You don't have to do this," said Rithika.

"Please, didi accept it for my sake," said Lakshmi.

Rithika reluctantly agreed and described the entire conversation to her husband.

"Take it and pay her.," suggested Mr Cool.

The doorbell rang after a while and Rithika found a bottle of pickle at the doorstep.

Rithika found her domestic help Lakshmi stand at a distance.

Rithika walked to her and offered her money to which she said, "No didi I can't accept money for this. Please consider this a token of gratitude from me."

Rithika stood there perplexed.

Sensing Rithika's thoughts, "Didi last year when the lockdown was imposed for the first time you paid my wages despite me not working and now this year everything is shut down for the second time. I cannot accept money from you without rendering my services. Also, I need money to make ends meet. So I have brought this pickle for you. Don't worry didi. It's healthy. I have prepared it in a hygienic environment." explained Lakshmi.

"Thank you but paying your wages is my responsibility," said Rithika.

"I will feel happy if you accept it," said Lakshmi.

Rithika thanked Lakshmi and walked into her home.

She and her husband had tasted the pickle and they loved it.

Rithika wanted Lakshmi to receive the fruits of her efforts.

She took a picture of the pickle and posted it in her friend's group and social media handles under the caption, "Homemade pickle prepared in a hygienic environment following every safety protocol. Interested ones please contact Lakshmi."

Soon Lakshmi began receiving orders.

The next day Lakshmi had called Rithika to thank her.

"When life threw a curveball at you, you have faced it boldly you deserve the fruits for your labour," said Rithika

"Didi, life is full of struggle. But it's in our hands how we brood over the challenges we face or convert the obstacles into an opportunity. What brings us down and what helps us scale new heights is in our mind. I am trying to convert my challenges into opportunities and good people like you are supporting me." said Lakshmi.

Rithika felt she had learnt a profound lesson on hearing Lakshmi's words.

"Every challenge is an opportunity and champions are born out of struggle." she contemplated.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty - Winston Churchill

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