One day of Gender Change!

One day of Gender Change!

Divinity has reckoned to render a parody,
To had some fun at His Treasury!
Flipped the direction of the Sun,
To, rose from the west and east to set!
Now, what does it mean by the astronomy?
The world is altering his identity!
The man endows with boobs and fertility,
And a woman to exhibit her matriarchy!

A man who is a groom you see,
Holding a tray of tea in front of the bride's family!
Little nervous and apprehensive in tone,
To respond the interrogations throws at flow!
Right from the schooling to the cuisine,
The bride expects everything to have perfection!
Groom stands and screams at them,
I am not a property to sell but marry to make a home!

Masculine goes to the men's parlour,
Striving with the queue to get his task over!
Do you know what task he is having?
Threading and waxing his hairs on the body covering!
Threading is bearable as like shaving,
But waxing is making his tears rolling!
He leaves the procedure in between,
What's the need to change the derivation!

The sexy guy is waiting at the bus stop,
Gang of girls whistle to see his short top!
One girl is staring at his cleavage,
Others are hooting until she provokes in rage!
Don't you have a brother and father to defame?
How they will feel if treat the same?
I am proud to have these beautiful parts,
Which give birth and feed to women on earth!

The husband who is a full-time father,
As the mother serves the breadwinner!
He doesn't care the pain while bleeding,
Does his duty for love and composure!
He adores his children he gave birth to,
Tearing the softest tissue with full of ruptures!
Still, he smiles and forgets all transformations,
As have stamina and zeal to oversee all conditions!

Next day, God overturns the entertainment,
Sunrises from the east to set on the west!
The man turns to a man but not to exhibit patriarchy,
As he understood the significance and sacrifice of the women in her entire journey!
The man gratitude God to reimburse his identity,
And begs to HIM to endow women the same luxury,
God smiles and says to the Man,
You have the ability to make her equal!

Dear Readers,
Hope you had fun reading this prompt. If yes, please share your words. Thanks for your time.

Yours Sagarika Sahoo

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