One lie can mend cracks!

One lie can mend cracks!

Riya furiously slammed the door and came to the kitchen, her face was full of anger, she intentionally was banging the utensils, all this enraged Raghav. His face turned red with anger.

Raghav followed her to the kitchen, "Why do you have to behave like this always? You are my wife, who else would understand my plight? Whom should I seek for help? And you always in anger, never bother to give a straight forward reply to all my questions."

Raghav looked at her again, to get an answer but Riya without bothering to any of his concerns got busy with preparing the dinner.

Raghav still fuming in anger, clenched Riya's hand, "You know, just leave it, you will never understand as you don't have heart, or do you? Do whatever you feel like or what makes you happy...I won't bother you.."

Raghav was deeply disturbed by Riya's behaviour towards his family. Raghav always longed, that her mother and little sister should come and stay with him. They both lived in the village, his mother was a widow and little sister was mentally unstable, he wanted to call them here so that they could feel safe and his sister could get proper medical treatment.

Raghav after his marriage with Riya, moved out to the city, as Riya married him on the condition that she will never stay at his native place, Riya belonged to the rich and affluent family, her parents supported Raghav financially, so she always dominated Raghav, and poor Raghav always obeyed her, to return her father's limitless favours on him

Raghav all night kept roaming around the house, he wished he would have known Riya's intentions earlier. But he was all broken by daily fights and heated arguments.

He came to Riya, "Listen to me carefully, Riya, I have always respected your opinions, I invariably ignored all your mistakes with a hope that someday you will get an insight into the depth of my problems, but, I guess you never tried! I can't tolerate this anymore", he shouted and made his way out to the house.

Riya shouted back and stopped him, "Please! Raghav, I won't allow you to leave like this."

He wanted to leave but seeing Riya sobbing, he controlled his anger, entered the room, opened his cupboard, took a suitcase and stuffed his clothes, all this made Riya burst in anger, she threw his clothes, Raghav controlled her, he said, "I am going for an urgent meeting, will be back by a day or so." Riya asked him when he will be back, but Raghav without paying any heed to her suspicions left the house.

Riya was all alone in the house, she looked at the door, screamed, cried, but Raghav had already left. She fell on the floor, her baffled mind doubted her, Is she a bad wife? or a disobedient daughter in law, who feels bad, if asked to take care of her in-laws, all these questions engrossed over her head. She introspected her mind and soul, she thought, that Raghav is nowhere wrong in pleading respect for his family which they deserve, the notion, that Raghav would abandon her and will not return, etched her heart, she realised her mistake.

She thought of calling Raghav but, she speculated the fact, which Raghav insured her that he may come back in a day, so she planned to leave to his village, to bring his mother and sister.

In a rush, she hired the taxi to reach the bus stop, she took the next bus to Raghav's village, her anger now transformed into peace, her realisation of her mistakes and bitter anonymity with Raghav's family now took a different turn, her heart got filled with emotions of affection, honour and compassion.

Raghav's house was a little far from the bus stop, she covered the rest of the distance by her own, all sweating and puffing, she knocked at the door, she saw her mother in law, a woman who was in her 60's, wrinkles all over the face, she saw Riya from top to bottom and rolled her eyes, she was stunned to see Riya, it was the first time after her marriage that Riya came here. She went inside to get some flowers and rice to welcome the Bahurani of the house. Riya felt guilty of her behaviour by noticing her mother in law gestures towards her, all these years she never inquired or even came to see her at once, she was ashamed of all her delinquency towards Raghav and his family, Riya at once touched her feet and hugged her mother in law, the moment she entered, her heart pounded to see Raghav standing in front of her, tears rolled down her cheeks, she was mum, Raghav came near her, wiped her tears, Riya folding her hands, apologised for all her mistakes and wrongdoings. Raghav held her hands and hugged her, consoled her, he said, "Thank you, Riya! I knew you will come, I am sorry, I had to lie to you, only to make you realise that you were going on the wrong path, and all this was disturbing our married life."

One lie can mend the cracks in our relations. The lie that Raghav weaved, infused beautiful and positive vibrations in their marriage, their bond grew stronger.

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