Online education and its effect on kid's behavior #PinkDiscussions

Online education and its effect on kid's behavior #PinkDiscussions

The pandemic had definitely affected our lives, badly. But, it has been disastrous for our kids. Their playtime, education friends everything is hooked up online. 

We asked our Pink Comrades  , how has the online education affected their kids' behavior and this is what they have to say------

Oh definitely!

All they are hooked to are laptop and phone.

A legal excuse for them to use these addicting tools.

More so, their life style has been adversely affected; they have become sedentary and lethargic.

For me, online education hasn’t done good to kids (notwithstanding the fact that we couldn’t help it)

- Pooja Gupta

I personally feel online education is so unfair to these kids because starting from desired attentiveness to the required seriousness, it all becomes relatively easier when in school because teachers have a way with it and they know how to deal with these kids thereby making it a effective way of learning and guiding to these kids..At home the scenario is so very difficult..from parent's perspective even to get the kids on to learning and handling them is a different story altogether, it's so very difficult to manage and make them discipline thereby monitoring their studies and also simultaneously giving them their me time, it's getting harder on parents without any doubt.

- Shruti Jammula

There is no discipline and Kids have forgotten to express gratitude towards people around them.

- Saumya Nair Goyal

Leave alone kids,I am pursuing post graduation and have been tolerating online classes for more than 1.5 years now.I am noticing a perceptible difference in my mood.I remain irritable all the time and explode at trivial matters.Besides,digital dependence has increased dangerously.The kids are having it more difficult,I think.

- Pritha Pradhan

A big 'NO' to online schooling..hazardous to the all aspects for children as well as teachers. 

- Sangeeta Konwar

Adverse impact on children. Most of them not attending the class. Attached to gadgets more than using it as the medium of connection. Difficult for teachers too to make students understand. 

It's destroying all socialization and creativity as well. 

- Pragyan Parimita Nanda

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