Open Letter to Society from a girl

Open Letter to Society from a girl

Dear Society,

Why do you judge? Why do you stare?

 Why do you discriminate?  Why do you compare?

This is me, my body, my complexion, my style then who you are to discuss about my appearance. My size, shape and colour may interest you but it’s absolutely none of your business. I am happy and proud of myself.

Trust me, when you question a girl’s appearance, you actually violate her dignity.

Let us be little sensible and do not interfere in other’s business.

*    If you say I am fat—do I ever come to you to ask for food?

*    Ok, I am thin/weak-but do I ever come to you to ask for some supplements?

*    You said dark? Oh—but do I ask you for my facial treatments?

My complexion, height, body type, etc are all for me only. The only person who should be happy or sad about all this is ME and only ME.

I don’t know what we have become and what we are teaching to our next generations. In this modern era when girls have already claimed their positions on the uppermost levels but, we are still checking out their appearance or letting them feel down for our ill thoughts.

This body shaming has nothing to do with my body rather it’s an absolute mirror of your thought process. Body shaming must be changed with thought shaming.

Next time you want to discuss something: discuss my education, my intelligence, skills and so many other qualities that I am blessed with. And, then make a try to compare yourself with me. I bet you will be ashamed of your irrational and illogical thinking.

Dear Society; Let us accept each other for what we are. Let us appreciate each other. Let us make each other feel good. Let us support each other to be a better human. Let us create a society where no racism exists.

हँसना जो भूल गए हैं उन्हें हँसाइएगा जनाब ,

जिंदगी मिली है तो इसका लुत्फ़ उठाइएगा जनाब।

छोटा-मोटा , काला-गोरा जैसा भी है- कोई इंसान-

है तो मिटटी का ही,कल मिटटी में मिलजाइएगा जनाब।।


Pink Columnist - Haryana

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