Pads, Condoms and Ipills

Pads, Condoms and Ipills

Taboo? No. 

This is the ear of breaking the taboo. 

Sex is a choice. 

Periods are natural.

Everyone's equal in every sphere of life. 


Isn't this so relatable to our lives these days?

We are living in the 21st century, calling ourselves so called modern, but have we actually overcome those rigid stereotypes pierced within us, since ages?

Forget talking about 'using pads and condoms', talking about sex... oops I meant whispering about sex is the biggest taboo that we face.Moreover , woman are still treated phlegmatic and least is anybody bothered about their sexual desires.

Is it only me or have you all noticed it too, in almost every Indian house those dirty male innerwears are flaunted in the verandahs for drying while the bras get their place under some saree on in a hidden corner where nobody can see it. Why????

I believe if you have it, flaunt it! Your bras come under your basic necessities, isn't it? They why camouflage them?

Likewise we all must have noticed or have been through a situation where we have been given the packet of sanitary pads wrapped in a newspaper or a black polythene bag. Why is there any need to conceal the fact that women bleed and every month they require the sanitary pads for their health and hygiene.

And oh!!! If she by any chance asks the shopkeeper for a condom or an Ipill, ahe is almost contemplated as a slut/a characterless woman. She is looked upon as a woman without ethics. But, is there anything wrong of a woman goes to purchase condoms or contraceptives? Is there anything  depreit or deceitful in that??

When a man buys a condom, he's considered thoughtful, then why is it the opposite in case of a woman if she is concerned about her health and well-being?

Why do we always poke and mock a woman for anything and everything she does? When we talk of equality at the peak, isn't it our responsibility to implement it?

Pads, condoms or ipills... a woman has all the right to shout in the crowd and ask for any of these! 

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