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Swarn Dhiman 'Reena'

 5 days ago

Love to write blogs, poetry, stories. Expert of International Trade (Speaker/Faculty/Business Owner) Editor for Business publications (Quarterly and Annual) Working with a Chamber of Commerce (Under MoC&I)

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My thoughts

If an elderly lady, as old as 86 years, is not safe in India then who is safe????

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ओहदे मिले बड़े पर फिर कभी मै बेटी ना बन पाई।

बचपन के खिलोने सारे मेरे रह गए पीहर में , कन्यादान हुआ बहु बन सासरा सजाने आई।  खेलें कूदें बच्चे अँगना धूम मचाएं सारे पहर , माँ बनकर...

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मैन आर फ्रॉम मार्स वूमेन अरे फ्रॉम वीनस

मेरी सबसे पसंदीदा किताब की समीक्षा, मेरे शब्दों में।

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माँ-सुन रही हो तुम? #Thursday Poetry

अजन्मी बेटी का मां के नाम संदेश।

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Butterfly with Dark Colours- Final Part

Sonal came out of Airport where Rahul was already waiting. He ran crazily and hugged her tightly. But the response from other side...

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Butterfly with Dark Colours- Part3

Lunch time: all family gathered in dining area but Randeep didn’t turn up. Ammu went to his room: Randeep you are annoyed with me...

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Butterfly with Dark colours- Part 2

It was going to be a year now and Rahul had got perfection in his work. He was getting appreciation from boss and opportunities to...

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व्यथित मन की पीड़ा जैसे सह रही है, क्यू सहूं अन्याय आज वो कह रही है। सुधर जाओ इंसान अब नहीं तो पछताओगे, पेड़ पौधे ना होंगे तो सांस...

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मेरी साइकिल

कुछ खास दिन कुछ खास चीजों या बातों की याद दिलवा देते हैं। बात हो रही है साइकिल की तो आइए आपको एक किस्सा सुनाती हूं।  जब हम छोटे थे...

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Butterfly with Dark colours Part 1

Around two years back, Rahul was undergoing his Computer Engineering and got campus placement with a big IT company.He was a simple...

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