Reach to your heart!!

Reach to your heart!!

A healthy heart is a sign of a healthy human being and a happy heart in a sign of a contented human being. So, what do we need to keep our arteries and veins healthy?? As per doctors opinion, it is regular exercise and healthy nourishment. As per psychology, a happy heart is only possible if we want to make it happy.

So a woman has to make ways for the best people and situations to reach her heart to get the utmost love. It is she who has the power to mend or bend her heart.

1.Love yourself.
"Main apni favourite hoon" is the right dialogue for those who love themselves. Once we love ourselves, others also get attracted to love us. Loving self also boosts you to avoid people who incase despise you. Listen to your heart and do what you feel like doing and make it to the best. Love yourself to make a way for people to reach your happy heart.

2. Avoid negativity
Have you noticed many women who use to smile even in the mid of worries? Yes, because they are loaded with positivity. They know they will figure out everything with their positive spirit so any negative vibes can't reach them which ultimately bless them with a happy heart, that attracts people to execute things to reach her positive heart.

3.Dont complicate your heart
Keep your heart simple with simpler thoughts and expectations. Diamond jewellery may not keep a woman happy whereas an artificial nose pin can make another woman pleased. So let's keep our expectations within our reach so happiness will make a way to reach our heart.

4. Don't overcrowd yourself with overthinking
We, women, tend to overthink a lot. We being suspicious, foresee future always, keep digging things and put it in the bucket list of unsettled. Overthinking makes a situation and people complicated and it put barriers for happiness reaching your heart too.

Before others to reach your heart it is you who have to reach it first. Understand yourself, value yourself, put yourself as an aspiration for others. Love yourself first and the universe will make ways to reach more people to your humble heart.

Lots of love and thanks to all of you for reaching my heart.


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