Reminiscing The Teachings Of Lord Krishna- Janmashtami Special

Reminiscing The Teachings Of Lord Krishna- Janmashtami Special

The aroma of the laddoos made with pure ghee wafted through the air and reached their nostrils.

"Festivities is in the air," they said in unison and ran to their granny.

"Wow laddoos, my mouth is watering," said Vanitha.

"Let's enjoy this Janmashtami with delicious food and Dahi handi celebrations," said Varun.

"Janmashtami isn't just about sweets and Dahi handi. There is a lot to learn from Lord Krishna's life," said their granny.

"Dadi, no religious sermons please it's boring," said Varun.

Vanitha too joined him in chorus.

"Lord Krishna's teachings aren't about religion. It can be applied in everyday life and to improve our way of living. You may be surprised to know that some of HIS teachings are included in the management lessons for MBA students," explained their granny.

The kids understood that they cannot escape and they were coerced to give in.

Their granny began to speak

*Happiness is a state of mind

Despite being born in prison and separated from his biological parents right after birth Krishna was happy always. His face glowed with a pleasant smile all the time. He was undeterred by external factors. Also, external factors aren't under our control so why worry about them and be unhappy. Instead, train your mind to be happy always.

*The key to happiness is the reduction of desires.

Renunciation isn't about sitting in a cave without any possessions but it is about being able to control our desires despite being amid worldly pleasures. Despite dwelling in the comfort of Dwaraka Krishna was never attached to wealth or comforts.

*Importance of duty

Karmanye Vaadhikarasthe Ma Phaleshu Kadachana,

Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhur Mate Sango Stvakarmani

The above lines mean do your duty and be detached from its outcome, don't be driven by the end product, enjoy the process of reaching there.

So instead of focusing on your marks and ranks focus on the process of gaining knowledge.

*There is always a cause

Whatever happens in life good or bad, there is a reason behind it. Just accept it and move forward in life.

*Live in the present.

Don't dwell in the past and in the pursuit of planning about the future don't miss living in the present. Paying attention to today helps in improving your mental well-being.

*Control your anger

Never take any decision when you are angry. Anger clouds your judgement. So control your anger and keep your mind at peace.


To achieve something in life, one may have to sacrifice many things. One may also have to give up their desires and step out of their comfort zone. Lest you will not be able to achieve success.


Despite being the God of creation, he was still humble and modest. He respected his elders and was helpful to his people. He also became a charioteer to Arjun. Such was his simplicity.

Never boast about your success. Be thankful to God for the blessings he has bestowed you with and help those in need.

*Dignity of labour

Lord Krishna could have won the war of Kurukshetra single-handedly yet he took the job of being a charioteer to Arjun.

He taught us that we must love our job and do it with utmost dedication. No job is big or small. Respect every kind of job.

*Be a true friend

Despite Sudhama being a poor and deprived man, Krishna welcomed Sudhama into his palace with love and respect. Though Sudhama hesitated to express his problems Krishna solved them all

Thus proving A friend in need is a friend indeed.

*Change is the law of the world

Be ready to adapt yourselves and face every curveball life would throw at you.

The children listened to their granny with great concentration.

"Loved listening to the teachings," said Vanitha.

Varun nodded.

Varun tried to stealthily reach for the laddoos. But his granny said, "You will get to eat it tomorrow after we offer it to God."

The kids continued with their games.

Varun's mom Sahithi was listening to the teachings too while she worked on her laptop.

"Janmashtami isn't just about wearing new clothes, savoring sweets and snacks, Dahi handi competition, singing and dancing. It's time we teach the next generation about our traditions. We must use the opportunity to share our knowledge about the teachings of God with them. We must never shy away from speaking about our religion or practices. Lest they would soon fade into oblivion," explained Sahithi's Mil.

Sahithi smiled in agreement.

After a while, the granny observed that Varun and Vanitha were sharing what they had just learned with their friends.

The granny was satisfied that her efforts bore fruits.

Author's Note:

This Janmashtami let's take time and reminisce the teachings of Lord Krishna and revel in its shade. Happy Janmasthami dear friends

May God bless you with happiness, health and peace.

Dear friends,

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