She is characterless. #Are you a virgin

She is characterless. #Are you a virgin

The girls were merrily teasing,pulling her legs while helping her get ready.She is Samisha ,a Chartered Accountant who hails from a small town in UP.Currently,she is on vacation at her home waiting to meet the prospective groom her parents have shortlisted.

At half past 10,the boy arrived along with his family.He is Ved ,vice-president of a giant textile firm.He believes firmly in traditions yet keeping up with the new technology of the world.He looked dapper in his brown suit and all eyes if the neighbourhood were on him when he got off his car.After the customary Indian greetings were exchanged and formalities executed by the would-be bride's family for about an hour, both families seemed contented with each other. However, when head turned towards Ved and Samisha eagerly awaiting their approval(not disagreement),Samisha requested for a courtship. Both families were stunned upon hearing it and even Ved was for a moment but ultimately Ved said ,"Fair enough".

The courtship period started and it all was lovey-dovey.One day in one of their late night calls, Ved casually asked Samisha ,"Do you mind me asking something personal? You can choose not to answer."."Ved ,please go ahead."

Ved asked,"Are you virgin?".They had both disclosed about their past relationships earlier and it seemed similarly casual to Samisha.Samisha replied stating,"What if I say yes?" Ved remained silent and said coolly"You know it doesnt matter to us.I like you the way you are not how you were." On the other side,Samisha laughed and replied smiling ,"I so knew it wont affect us.I was simply kidding,Ved.But to be honest,I am not a virgin." And the conversation went on for sometime ...

Later in next few days,Samisha started to notice a change in Ved.Not only this,Ved's family started to talk less with her family and when asked made excuses.Ome fine day,the impatirnt and worried Samisha's father decided to pay a visit to Ved.Ved's family was enraged seeing her father.They insulted him and Ved stated firmly that even though he wants but he cannot go against his family traditions.He wanted to marry a pure girl not Samisha who has lost her virginity.He further went on to stay that he is clueless the number of times Samisha must have slept...and her father asked him to shut his mouth and stormed out of their house.

Later that day Samisha had to face the wrath of her family. She tried to explain that she was betrayed but was stopped. Her mother even went on to ask secretly if she ever was pregnant. Samisha was very upset with all these; cried in despair and was waiting for her holidays to get over to return to her work .It was as if to add more to her woes, the fact that she was no more a virgin had spread in her small town (where the news of your sneeze spreads like wildfire.).All looked down upon her and her family as absolute sinners .Her education, such a respectable job and behavior was all smeared. Her father's reputation had tarnished and it was being difficult to find a suitable groom for her. People blamed her for being so highly-educated that she crossed all her limits.

Is this for real ? In today's era ,if a girl is betrayed then she is blamed but not the boy. Why? Because though people say "its a modern age" ,yet a boy can have sex before marriage umpteen times.It is forgivable but if a girl does so ,it is punishable. She is characterless.

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