She knows...

She knows...

"Maa, it's new software you don't have any idea about it!"

"Bahu this is elder's matter they know about all the rituals you don't know anything!"

"Neetu this is office stuff you don't get involved in it!"

"Maa, my teacher taught me this formula your math is not good!"

Like really?
Everyone takes a stay at home mom for granted.

Just because she decides to give preference to her family she is been announced Universal DUMB.

A female knows many things which are never been noticed by her Loved ones.


  "Mamma tea is ready when will papa come? He is late today. He is working hard nowadays." Little Neetu enquired about her father.

She was ready with tea in her pink teacup set, which was her favourite.
She hoped in his lap as he stepped in.
"Come I have prepared tea for you. You must be tired" She pulled him towards her dollhouse.
A 4 years old girl knows his father is tired and she cares for him.

"That man is not a good person."
At the age of 11, a nonchalant teenager knows someone is staring at her back.  The person is a stranger to her, but she clearly understands his thought pattern and his intentions.

At the age of 22, she gets married.
She is perfect.

She knows cooking, painting, sewing, stitching and respecting elders in the family.

She knows her husband's likes and dislikes.
His favourite food and favourite colour.
But after years in marriage, her husband hardly knows anything about her favourites.
Still, he says "Tumhey kuch nahin pata!"

Soon she is a mother.
She now knows many things which she thought were new for her.

She knows, why her baby is crying.
She knows what is the best position to hold her baby.
She knows what is the best way to make her angel sleep fast.
She knows how to take care of her baby.
She knows what her baby is trying to say in his blabbering.

Yet...., you should not hold her like this, you should not do this and that, are frequent advises floating in all the time.
She knows when her children are upset, afraid or in pain before they tell her.
She knows when his husband is stressed even when he is trying to fake smile.
 She knows when her family needs her and she is always there for them.
 She becomes a friend, teacher and a doctor when needed.

Women are the best creations of God.
One of the most intelligent species in the world is a human female, who's both sides of the brain works simultaneously, unlike a male brain which can concentrate only on one thing at a time.

A woman, a wife or a daughter know much more than everyone else think they are capable of.

Working or stay at home mom both are champions in their fields.
Women are the pillars of the family. They provide emotional strength and nourish the family with good ethics and values.
Don't underestimate her.


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