She Knows Everything

She Knows Everything

Payal packed Anshi's tiffin box, ready to take her to the bus stop. "Mumma I had to make the family tree," Anshi in class 2 said.
"Oh sweetie now are a big girl. Should do your homework yourself," said she while pulling out her notebook.
Quickly helping her with her homework at the same time making porridge for Ritesh and mummyji.
" Mumma, what's in my tiffin today". 
"Hey sweetie, its a surprise. You will love it."
Immediately feeling guilty. She had made the roll of of a last night's paratha, with fresh veggies and sauce.
Ofcourse, her trademark smily on top.
"Wow my mom is best," squealed Anshi.

Back home, Ritesh was on the table, eating porridge.
"Honey, can you make an omelette for me."
"Sure," saying she moved towards the kitchen. 
"Honey i can't find my wallet." Ritesh called from the door.
She ran inside. Picked up from his cupboard, right in front of her eyes.
"Ritesh really!"
"Oh honey! Where's my red file. Its very important. I've a meeting." From the car he shouted.
Again she rushed inside.
Searched everwhere only later to find under the table, must have slipped while he was working late.
All the while, Ritesh was honking the horn.

Smilingly she handed the file.

Maid was at the door. "Madam Auntie is calling you." Referring to her mother-in-law. 

"Yes mummyji."
"Payal please give me my tablet so that I can have breakfast." Jayanti said.

She was perfectly fine only had diabetes. She enjoyed pampering, never bothered to even take her medicine.

Payal gave her medicine and porridge.
"Payal you can make poha sometimes."
"Ok mummyji" she said.

Sitting alone on the dining table with her cup of tea. "Finally, me time." Saying to herself.
Bell rang .
She got up. At the door was Bahadur, small boy to take clothes for ironing.

She got the bundle. Jayanti called.
 We have to go for the wedding. Which sari should i wear, you know what suits me. Where my sari are kept."

She went inside checked her cupboard 
and gave pink kanjivaram sari for ironing along with her yellow georgette, Ritesh's blue blazer and Anshi's red princess gown

All this planning took another 20 minutes. 
Gave Bahadur all the instructions and came inside.

In the evening, Payal remembered. "Oh dear I forgot to ask Bahadur to bring clothes today itself.

She sat down on the steps of the staircase. Her face in her hands thinking. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Ritesh, Jayanti and Anshi were astonished. 
Had never seen her like this before. Breaking down.

"Hey honey, here let's enjoy a cup of tea together," handing her a cup, sitting beside her. 
Jayanti from the sofa called, "Payal I'll wear my blue kanjivaram. I like blue colour.

"I'm wearing my black jacket honey," added Ritesh.

"You wear your red anarkali. You look like hot in that red chiffon suit." Winking added Ritesh.

Anshi watching them smiled. I will also find something in my cupboard.
Everyone started laughing. 

"Its ok to falter at times. Its ok not to know at times. You are not a machine.
If you forgot something we are a family.
What everyone should wear that you know, but at times to tell you what you should wear is like taking care of you."

"Like that cup of tea which you know I've first thing after coming back ftom the office. But even you can want to just have your cup, without having to go in the kitchen and making it."

"At times even we can help you in making decisions, though very small it may sound, but surely it will take a weight off your shoulder." Added Jayanti.

Payal was relieved. Smiling. Wiping her tears, she was thinking, 'I wasn't taking anyone's help, when everyone was ready to help. Life is easy when you have understanding family.
 Feels good when someone tells you what to wear. Ritesh knows me and observes me. Feels good to be pampered, rather than know everything......'she was thinking picking up her red suit.



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