She - The Mother Earth.

She - The Mother Earth.

'She' asks you for your hand,

Because you belong to her land.

The water, sun, sea and the sand.

You bruise her daily in the name of urbanisation,

You chop off her green hands regularly calling it deforestation.

But, how do we forget that 'She' is God's manifestation?

We all call her our Mother Earth,

As humans, it's our place of birth.

The mother who loves her children dearly,

Faces the fear of global warming and climate change acutely.

She is bruised and battered with forest fires,

Her throat is brimming with plastic usage.

Her beautiful glaciers are melting away,

And the temperature of her surface is rising dangerously.

Her favourite animals are on the verge of extinction,

And the marine life has also reached a point of saturation.

Mother earth needs her children more than ever,

'She' waits for us to make changes and be her saviour.

We can plant more trees and plants,

Stop plastic usage entirely.

Reduce our carbon footprints,

By using our resources effectively and efficiently.

If we don't do anything to save our Mother Earth,

We all will have to prepare ourselves to face her wrath.

She is our mother with a bleeding womb,

Asking for our help to bless her with a boon.

Let's start from today,

One step from every individual is adequate,

Spread awareness and participate actively,

To the issues that matter the most to her.

Join hands and make an oath, to save our place of birth.

Make it a habit to be proactive and vigilant towards our Mother Earth.

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