Shopaholic, A Person With Psychological Issues.

Shopaholic, A Person With Psychological Issues.

"Airsickness tablets?"
"Luggage packed?"
"Wife ready?"

Shreya and Akash were all set to fly to New York City.Just after 6 months of their marriage Akash got a chance to work in States.Both were so excited. 
It took a few weeks to adjust in the new atmosphere and to adapt to a different lifestyle and different culture, but now they were used to it.

Akash started his 8 to 6 job but Shreya was still not ready for a new job.
Akash didn't force her as he thought being a small-town girl she needs more time to adjust in a big city like New York.

Life was beautiful for the newlywed couple.But, as nothing remains the same forever, the relationship between them was also changing.Akash noticed a dramatic change in Shreya's behaviour.She had always been a responsible spender with impeccable credit but suddenly he discovered that she has maxed out two credit cards, that was a major red flag.A radical shift in her spending habits was troubling him.

She got angry or confrontational whenever he discussed her shopping habits, that was an upsetting sign, too.
He was always at the receiving end of anger and anxiety.

At first, Akash thought she is feeling homesick and lonely and to divert her mind or to kill time she is going shopping.But whenever he asked her what she did during the day she gave quite a detailed itinerary but no mention of shopping. He found out later that she ran up quite the bill on the credit card."Why is she lying?" Akash thought.This was an alarming sign.

She seemed to buy stuff whenever she was out, always, no matter what.

She couldn't even go for her evening walks without buying something, just for fun ... like a pair of sunglasses or a lip balm that she didn't even need.

Akash was furious and he took all her credit cards and gave her some cash to spend it in the emergency.

But soon a new thing started. Every next day he got an amazon package at his front door.This raised a red flag. His wife had some serious psychological issues.He knew 'Amazonoholism' is a scary trend that is only going to get bigger over the next few years.

"Amazonoholic or shopaholic he is not gonna let Shreya go deep in that  trouble." Akash thought.

He knew she was embarrassed about her shopping habits. But these feelings did not last long and were often followed by shame and guilt. He noticed that Shreya felt ashamed and guilty about her shopping, that was the time he decided to get some help for her.He understood that there was actually a biologic reason behind her behaviour.

He decided to seek help. With professional help and her husband's unconditional love and support, Sherya won over her addiction to shopping.

She decided to write about her addiction and spread awareness about it, in which her loving husband Akash always stood with her.
Today she is a renowned author and journalist.


Studies show that there are many reasons for the psychological problem called Oniomania.

According to Elizabeth Hartney;

"The term 'shopaholic' is sometimes used to describe people who have a shopping addiction. While this is one of the most socially acceptable addictions, this behavioural addiction can create serious problems in a person's life."

The main reasons behind the addiction are:

1. Approval Seeking

2. Low Self Esteem

3. Depression or Anxiety

4. Poor Impulse Control 

5. Materialistic Thoughts

6. Insecurity or previous experience on body shaming.

Experts who have looked into the issue say that there is an important distinction between compulsive shopping and impulse buying and it lies with the internal motivation, or reason, for the making the purchase.
 While impulse buying is largely unplanned and happens at the moment in reaction to an external trigger — such as seeing the desired item in the shop, compulsive shopping is more inwardly motivated.

For these people, the act of shopping releases endorphins and dopamine in the brain, creating pleasurable sensations that become addictive. 

The good news is that behavioural addictions like compulsive shopping are treatable. Talking to the doctor or a mental health professional about shopping habits which are causing problems in life, can help people to come out of their addiction to shopping.

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