SIMPLE DAILY CARE FOR WINTER: Blog post by Dipanweeta

SIMPLE DAILY CARE FOR WINTER: Blog post by Dipanweeta

Winters are here and so is winter care for our skin which becomes dull, dry and non lustrous. The winter days are great to enjoy with food and weather whereas the skin needs extra care. Take care to nourish it to avoid having unhappy looking skin. Come winter and dry skin and scalp are just the beginning of our beauty struggles. 

Follow these simple and natural tips for a glowing and healthy skin :

1. Moisture your skin regularly and religiously. Moisturizer is the most important step for a glowing skin in winters. Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise.

2. Load up water in your body. Drink water regularly at intervals. To avoid dullness stay hydrated . Drinking enough water gives us a glowing skin.

3. Wash face with lukewarm water instead of hot water. It may rub off the natural oils from our face.

4. Avoid your skin from sun because winter sun is dangerous.

5. Always use sunscreen lotion on your skin before getting exposed to sun.

6. Always use petroleum based lip balm for your lips. 

7. Protect your skin from harsh winter days like chilled wind because it may damage your skin from frostbite.

8. Avoid using soap much because it dries up the skin. 

9. Eat lot of green vegetables which are abundant in winter. They are packed with vitamins and minerals. 

10. Add omega-3 fats to your diet for smooth skin.

11. Avoid exposure to extreme hot water, humidifier and hot blowers for skin and hair.

12. Load your plate with rich winter fruits like gooseberry, papaya avocado, pineapple and banana which are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. 

13. Exfoliate your winter skin to increase blood flow in the skin for it to appear bright and healthy. But less than summer days.

14. Don't over wash your face to avoid losing and dehydrating the skin.

15. Always opt for loose and breathable clothes because tight and synthetic fibers may cause rashes and itches. 

16. Night moisturizing is a must.

17. Always use hand creams to avoid dry hands.

18. Use a proper heel cream to avoid cracked heels. Before that soak them up in warm water and scrub off the dead cells. 

19. Hot oil hair massage is great for scalp and hair in winter.

20. Finally, listen to your body, what it needs. Eat healthy, drink plenty and moisturise daily.

Winters are here to have fun and to enjoy with a radiant, and glowing skin. 

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