Size Zero

Size Zero

“ Hey! Look at the gowns in those mannequins. Don’t they look adorable? Priya, come on let’s check out their collections,” said Deepa to her friend Priya as they were enjoying their day out at the Express Avenue mall.

“Wow! The designs and colours are mind blowing. Let’s see if there is something in there for us. Let’s make heads turn, Ha Ha,” she said as they entered the designer shop.

“Welcome ladies. How can I help you? Are you looking to buy something to give someone,” asked the lady in charge who had the perfect shape of an hourglass. 

“Can you show us the rack which has trendy outfits for us?” asked Priya.

“But Ma’am. We don’t have those double digit sizes. Didn’t you guess from the name of the shop ‘Size Zero’. You both would probably find something that fits you once you shed a couple of pounds,” she tried to control her laughter. There were other skinny women who rolled their eyes at them in disbelief as though a pair of aliens had entered the shop.

Priya and Deepa couldn’t believe what they just heard and decided to walk out from the shop. It was a clear case of body shaming. But they were in no mood to argue.

“Deepa ! We can’t let someone else spoil our mood. There are plenty of other shops where we can grab something for us,” said Priya.

They both did purchase beautiful gowns for themselves from a different shop. They didn’t let the nasty remarks of the lady interfere with their mood.

A few months later the two friends once again visited the same mall. As they walked by the ‘Size Zero’ shop they noticed a new board ‘Welcome Plus’.

When they enquired they found to their surprise that the previous shop had incurred a heavy loss since it had targeted only a marginal group of women. The current shop had amazing collections for women of all sizes and was doing pretty well.

Deepa and Priya together squealed with a sense of impish delight and entered the shop.

This may be a fictional story but aren’t most women body shamed at some point or the other throughout their lives? Don’t let the disparaging remarks of mindless people bog you down.Your size does not define your beauty. While it is important to maintain a healthy body weight, let that not become an obsession. Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes. Learn to embrace your body with love. And remember it is not the weight of the body that weighs you down but rather the wrong image you carry in your mind about yourself. Flaunt the body you are bestowed with love always.

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