Size Zero? Seriously ?

Size Zero? Seriously ?

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder . Most of us would dwell on this phrase . Let me tell you, I have taken solace from it. However , in the modern world , there is too much emphasis on the concept of beauty . Looking good has never been so important. I do agree with some aspects though . Looking good goes hand in hand with feeling good and of course power dressing compliments the same . However, just assume, if I was an average dresser and an average looker but an efficient and smart worker , wouldn’t those attributes be enough for me to command attention and respect at the workplace or even on a personal podium ? Unfortunately some people tend to think the opposite.

We live in world of hypocrites . The ones who preach a lot about hard work and later on sham the people who don't look presentable or glamorous.  Some people dress up the way they want and don't give an iota of importance to other's thoughts and approvals.  That my friend may irk the so called ambitious power dressers , go getters , but in all reality is the mantra to happiness and self importance. But the modern world is privy to some prejudices.

Take for instance the concept of size zero made so famous by a famous actress. It had the entire nation going gaga at one time. However, it took ages to realise that one need not become anorexic to achieve that state. Size zeros are not attainable by all and honestly one needs to be comfortable in their own skin. Accept yourself for the person you are. Accept your shortcomings, if any. Accept your positives and love yourself. A person need not look beautiful only at Size zero. Plus size is also affable. To me beauty is a package of which majority attributes lie internally with someone's nature. The external beauty doesn't attract me much. But then that's me folks.

I came across a video recently in which the speaker asserts the importance of having a positive approach towards dressing up whilst going out . She goes on to say that it is imperative to pick up a dress which has good memories associated with it and one which makes you feel good . Each day , this small activity will goad you towards a positive outlook and as long as you feel good , you will look good . The phrase is like a palindrome.. read it forward or backward , there can be varied interpretations leading to the same conclusion. Remember this though , pay attention to only how you feel , your positive association with your looks . The moment you give importance to other's perceptions , you will fall prey to their viciousness.

Happiness comes from inside . Not everyone is born pretty . However , you can always feel beautiful, be beautiful. This will come from the way you conduct yourself and the way you are with people around you . Have you ever wondered why a child is so happy ? The child doesn’t bother about what others are thinking . One more question to my readers ... have you seen your child dress up ? Probably he or she would pick up a pair of purple socks to go with a new set of yellow sneakers , put on their flashy sweatshirts coupled with their favourite caps and then march out of the house to play with their friends emulating a king or queen . Of course , I am not asking anyone to do a similar thing and become embarrassed. The example was quoted only to show the positive associations that can occur with each attire of ours . Focus more on what the mirror reflects and lesser on what the world comments . That’s the key to confidence . Our social purlieus sometimes exerts a lot of undue importance to our attire and in the process we forget to be happy and carefree.

Now that the importance of dressing well is dealt with , let me move on to the other aspect of my blog . What makes you beautiful? Is it only your looks ? Is it necessary to only look beautiful ? whats the big deal about being beautiful too ? Well , let me enumerate my thoughts in a better manner . I have reached an age where I am comfortable in my skin , the way I look and the way I conduct myself . Still, to be honest , every time I don a new attire, put on some make up and go out , I do look forward to some appreciation . It makes me feel better and more confident . However , I don't want to pay undue importance only to the superficiality . I do want people to also applaud me for the way I work, I conduct myself in society and my  inherent characteristics which may make me a better person. After all, they encompass the real "ME".

There is a vast difference between simply 'looking' beautiful and 'being' beautiful. For example , a lady who is a mother ,undergoes massive changes in her body and may deal with various complexes as to her outward appearance , but she goes on her work and routine life showering love and affection on the people whom she loves . In the eyes of her children she IS beautiful , irrespective of how she looks . Her husband may applaud her for her outer beauty , but he would care for her and respect her for her basic nature in the long run. The same goes for a woman who tries to attain work life balance . She may fail in both aspects or she may come out with flying colors - however at the end of the say - to the people who matter to her - She is 'always' beautiful .

To my readers who can fault me by pointing out contradictions in my blog , let me assure you that there aren't any if you read twice . Looking presentable is surely the need of the hour . Dressing up well enhances your looks , no doubt . However , there are other attributes such as hard work, efficiency , confidence , love , passion towards everything that you do and people in your life - that make you the perfect person . It ain't an easy task for sure , however there's nothing to deter you from achieving that . So, go for it !!! In the end , looking good maybe important for the first few minutes , however how you are and how you conduct yourself (read as being beautiful) will matter for a lifetime . Celebrate yourself ! Stay happy and contented.

And SIZE ZERO? Seriously? What's that! 

Do pitch in with comments, suggestions, inputs , criticisms , etc . I would love to hear your experiences too ! Happy reading :)

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