A Solo Trip or Soulful Trip??

A Solo Trip or Soulful Trip??

Amidst so many dilemmas , I have made up of mind that I should talk to him . Before spoke to him , my mind was hovering around so many questions of what to ask , how to ask as there was no either formal or informal talks between us in school days .  Yes , I called him , " hello sir , here is Sudha , remembered me ? your school friend . Where are you , how are you and what are you doing"?  and so many questions at one breath . But he said "I  am on my solo trip" very calmly . I got only one reply for all my curious questions . 

Here I am mentioning my school friend Mr . Purushottam Choudhury, who is a scientist in DRDO . He was the best student of our class . He was just perfect in every sphere . Being an introvert , I have never had a requirement to speak with him . After 25 years , our school friends just uniited one by one through WhatsApp. It was a great pleasure to have all our school friends in one platform .

After the first call , it was the second time he called me after one month . That time too i had  lots of questions in my mind . I asked him " if you don't mind , pls let me know about your solo trip sir " . He told me that , " I am exploring my solo trip (Soulful Trip) daily and everyone can do this " . My anxiousness was very strong to ask about his solo trip . 

Clarifying my doubts , he explained me " everybody takes a chance to get into a solo trip , we can say it a soulful trip as we travel alone to the inner world of us . We are struggling every day to put everything in order , but unless we put our inner world in a precise way , we never be happy by exploring the outside world . Our solo journey exposes us to know the person person inside us It is an unique experience which gives us the luxury to do what we really want to do without others approval . It's probably the best way to make peace with our inner self and an opportunity to explore the highest realm of our personality " . After more than one hour of discussion I asked myself " was I taking to the right person " because no doubt he was the best student amongst all , but his mischievous nature was much fertiled too . 

For some days I was wondering about the solo trip or soulful trip . Couldn't figure out the solution and I was busy in as usual in my daily chores . After six months again he called me and enquired , " ma'am , have you started your solo trip" ? Confusingly I said, " no sir , how can I go for a solo trip as I am having two kids and they need me" . He giggled and said , " till now you can't understand what I wanted to explain you , solo trip to the inner world is nothing other than a MEDITATION which we can do daily . A meditation awakens our trust that the wisdom and compassion ,  we need , are already within us . It uplifts our thinking skill without confusing , simply label  it all "Thinking" and do that with honesty and gentleness . By knowing ourselves , we are coming to know Humanness altogether .

 Again he explained me , " dear , practice a soulful trip everyday for one hour fof self discovery , know yourself better , find your strengths and weaknesses . Meditation can heal us as it transports to a higher state of consciousness and awareness understanding . We will receive deep transformation of the perceived illusions that limit us so that we can expand into who we "REALLY ARE"  . We are sending a message to all levels of our consciousness and the universe that we are making space for presence , new information etc which make room for new ideas , opportunities and major downloads " . 

Discussed with him two to three sessions about the Solo Trip , I better understood that solo trip can be a soulful trip and we should enjoy by doing this . 

We can enjoy new experiences so that we can add more richness to our life . We will feel an immense sense of spiritual pride for getting ourselves what only we have dreamt. We have a sense of accomplishment and a new memory to share which is priceless and a restored sense of truth and faith as these are the key ingredients of a solo trip . 

A Solo trip can restore a deep feeling of being more aligned to our soul's purpose and a greater sense of meaning input life . It allows us to feel WORTHY , CONFIDENT and better THINKERS . 

When I started writing this blog , the one and only thought that came to my mind that , if I would not write about my learnings about a Solo Trip , my experiences might be valueless . 

I am very much thankful to my friend , who is conveying the trip to soul till now . 

(Mr. Purushottam Choudhury is a Rocket and Missile Scientist in DRDO. He is a HR Trainer  , Yogacharya , Memory Expert  , Motivator , National Tennis Player , Faculty at various Learning Institutions and Organisations , National Nadal Officer of Integrated Management System )



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