Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence

When the skies wake up gracefully and the clouds are a splash of the palest pink, it is a promising silence.

When the clear sunrise breaks through like a spear and the skies are a canvas of dazzling hues, it is a celebratory silence.

When my armchair beckons me to idle away, while spinning my ideas softly like cotton-candy and my thoughts like a silken thread, it is a restful silence.

When the flowers in the meadows and fields unfurl to full bloom and the  buds gently blossom putting on a show like a cap of bountiful spring, it is a successful silence.

When the seasons change, lulled into hibernation and migration making the birdsongs pause, it is an adapting and accepting silence.

When lakes become placid without a ripple, reflecting the clouds above like a mirror, it is a stable silence.

When a pine-fragrant breeze sails through caressing me like a soft angelic feather, it is a cherishing silence.

When sleep tiptoes in to quench my parched mind and hums "Get some rest, child", it is a loving silence.

When the moon rises casting an ethereal glow on the violet-petaled heavens and the moonbeams  stream in through my  windows like a loving lullaby, whispering the secrets of the fairyland, it is a child-like innocent silence.

When the snowflakes floating mid-air before they come to rest on the snow-covered ground, it is a caring silence.

When the rustling leaves dangle like in a painting when the wind has died down, it is a selective silence.

But, the warmth of my love is the sound of my soul .The silence within me is the sound of my beating heart. It is a strong, surging voice which reassures me that Im brave, courageous, precious, loved and that I've done my best. I'm enough.

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