Sssshhh!! This is feminism where 'pseudo' is silent

Sssshhh!! This is feminism where 'pseudo' is silent

On March 8, just a week back, the entire world celebrated the spirit of god's finest creation, the essence of womanhood. And how our sole existence is worthy of immense honor and recognition. How we women have been put through so much for ages and how despite all the challenges, we have managed to come up with flying colors.

But! were we so engrossed in self-appreciation that we overlooked to realize that perhaps this was just one side of the story or maybe at least the other side of the story is equally worthy to be heard of. 

On March 10, just two days after International women's day, occurred an incident in Bengaluru, that shook the entire narrative of celebrating womanhood. 

A 31-year old woman accused a food-delivery boy, of physically attacking and assaulting her, as an outburst caused due to late delivery of her food order. Taking advantage of her being a lady, as normally it happens in such cases, the food-delivery guy was immediately suspended from his job which was the only source of earning his livelihood, as a consequence of the complaint.

While after hearing the proclaimed 'accused's a side of the story, authorities found out that apparently, the lady who addressed herself as the 'victim' in this case, first started hitting the delivery-man and later taking the advantage of being a lady and her social-stature, planted the poor-guy as accused. The pieces of evidence available are clearly against the woman herself.

Another attached brow-raising fact to this incident is that the woman is a self-proclaimed feminist, a techie, and a beauty influencer.

If such people are going to be 'influencers' in our society, this makes me re-define the entire concept of feminism, if are we heading in the right direction?

Such women might think that their immoral and biased behavior can be conveniently labeled as feminism, but what they don't realize is that there is a prefix 'pseudo' attached to their definition of feminism. 

There is another much noted and talked about incident that occurred in 2015, where a 23-year old Delhi-university student had falsely accused a man as her 'harrasser' and eve-teaser as a reprisal that he indulged himself in an argument with her and refused to step-back owing to the only fact that his opponent was a girl. The girl in this case on the other hand took undue advantage of her gender and didn't leave any stone unturned in defaming the guy on social-media which further led to the arrest of the claimed 'accused' in this case and further posed severe repercussions on his career as well as his public image.

Unfortunately, the man 'falsely' accused here had to fight a three-year-long battle in the court, post which he was declared innocent and 'not' guilty. But, what's the use here because the severe damage was already done. 

Well, sadly, the aforementioned are only a handful of those thousand incidences that are prominent enough to catch society or public attention.

Moreover, if we look around vigilantly, there exist many pseudo-feminists around us as well. 

We can certainly find an elderly woman in our neighborhood who is wholeheartedly impressed by her son-in-law who pampers her daughter unconditionally, but at the same time is outrageously upset when her son takes the side of her daughter-in-law, on any day to day matter. 

We can see a mother, who would make her son buy groceries or make him cook and clean the kitchen, but would refrain her daughter from changing the flat-tyre of their car. Why? Because that is hard and just 'not a girl' thing. 

There would be a man who wholeheartedly invites his parents-in-law to their home because obviously, his wife has left her family, her home behind, to marry him and be with him (even if technically the family is nuclear and the husband lives away from his family too), but when it comes to inviting husband's family, the lady of the house can reasonably lay an excuse and dismiss living with her parents-in-law. 

We can find women who shout out loud against pay-disparity and urge for equivalent pay irrespective of gender, but when it comes to toil hard at work or take up jobs that demand more physical labor, they can simply be seen playing 'I am a goddam woman' trump card.

Being a woman myself, I completely resonate, accept and understand that we women have so much on our plate and that inevitably, we are expected to deal with the home as well as work front perfectly, while simultaneously handling our relations, kids, and society which is why in return, we expect flexibility at the places and forums that we remain associated with. 

But dear ladies! don't you think we must take a break and give it a thought that on quest of strengthening one gender we are knowingly or unknowingly, weakening and back-pulling the other one. 

"Men will be men" should definitely never be encouraged, but equally "pari hu mai" should also not be acceptable.

In a nutshell,' feminism' is all about expecting and considering both the genders equal to each other in all the spheres of life and not trying to prove superiority, retaliating on the grounds of making our counter-gender suffer and pay for what their ancestors have made us women to go through, as this is most certainly 'selective' or 'pseudo-feminism' or simply put 'tit for tat' and not equality.

Thank you for reading! 

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News source : The Times of India and Google. 

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