She had been to a girl’s school. Now, it was time to enter the engineering college. The co-ed set up with such a wide exposure was something new. And, she was dead nervous. Although she had gone to tuition classes where boys were present, she didn’t feel threatened this much.

Finally, the day arrived when she went to the college. She also stayed in the hostel.

“Wash your face with this besan and come tomorrow. Your colour will improve.”

For the first time, she became conscious of her dark colour.

It was a college event, and the organisers asked her to play the role of the evil witch.

“You don’t need make-up. You’re such natural.”

They would deliberately link her with some fat and ‘ugly’ chashmish guy and make fun of her openly. Even the teachers would choose to stay away from her as if she was untouchable.

She couldn’t make friends due to such humiliation and lack of confidence.

Basically shy and also strictly warned by her father, she couldn’t complain either. She preferred to silently suffer the abuses and drill those 4-years, all alone.


It was time for a decent job in Pune. Leaving behind the past she hopefully travelled to her new place. After 6 months of joining the HR’s phone call startled her parents. They rushed to her rescue.

“Your daughter needs counselling. She is misbehaving with her colleagues. Moreover, she is assuming things and contexts to defend herself. We can’t keep her anymore.”

The hapless parents showered rude remarks on her. In return, they immediately fixed an appointment with a psychiatrist.

“What a shame! Why couldn’t you die? Who goes to a mental doctor?”


But then the several counselling sessions excavated many crude truths. Those sides of the story which she had stifled within herself were now having an upper hand.

“If you would have delayed bringing her here even a week later, I’m sorry she would have committed suicide.

Due to her dusky appearance, she had been affronted and bullied by her peers. From her college days, she had been a butt of ridicule. Even during her office days, she had been brutally reproached.

She had told me, how the male colleagues would slander her. They would grope and touch her. Her complaints were never strong. Moreover,

‘Who would mingle with a black beauty?’ Hence, it was easy to label her as a psycho.

This is our primary notion.

Even her PG-mates would look through the window of the bathroom and harass her. They took her snaps and passed them to their boyfriends, and made it impossible for her to even breathe.

Now when you see her wearing many clothes for bathing you’re surprised. You observe her talking endlessly over the phone (no real call though), assuming herself to be the employer, you tease her.

You haven’t been kind to her. Moreover, you’ve closed the doors to her venting even before she had stepped out of her house for the big world. Your strictness and lending a deaf ear to her only aggravated the situation.”

And, then the doctor took her to the rehabilitation centre. Before disappearing he warned them STRICTLY,

“When she returns, treat her with respect and love. She will heal fast. And, don’t dare think of marriage as an elixir.”


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