Struggling With Breast Feeding ?

Struggling With Breast Feeding ?

A Journey called ‘Motherhood’ starts right from the moment when those two beautiful pink lines appear. Feelings and emotions of a soon to be mom could not be explained in few words. Completing a 9 months journey and holding a part of your own body in your arms is the most precious thing for a woman. Well, after dealing with morning sickness, nausea, back pain, swelling on foots and lot more for months and months… a mother enters into a new era of challenges and struggles . Yes you read it right, among those hundreds of challenges a mother faces after delivery, Breastfeeding is one of its kind.

Breastfeeding is precious for the new born. Breast milk contains all the nutrition he/she needs during first six months of life. It is also the first step to create a emotional bond between a mother and baby. The first milk in your breast is called “Colostrum” a very thick and yellowish in colour. It is full of nutrients and certain antibodies which acts like a powerhouse for the baby to start a healthy life.

A mother can usually start breastfeeding within an hour or two of baby’s birth, depending upon the delivery mode. In case of vaginal delivery, nurse hands over the baby to the mother in the first hour for breastfeeding. However in case of C-section, it might take one or two days of time. In such scenario, EBF (Expressed Breast Milk) can be fed to the baby by spoon or cotton buds.

Breastfeeding could be easy for some mothers but for some it comes with a bundle of struggles. But there is always a way to deal with them in a better manner. Sharing few tips to overcome the problems of breastfeeding that makes this journey beautiful, easier and comfortable. Here we go;

Common challenges new mothers face :

1.  Insufficient milk supply: The formula here is, the more you nurse, the more you produce. There are many mothers who gave up when they see, there is insufficient milk to fed their babies stomach, and they start formula feeding. There are many ways to increase milk produce:

  • Using a quality breast pump
  • Stay happy and stress free
  • Big no to smoking and drinking till the time you breastfeed.
  • Include certain things in your daily diet like dairy products (Milk , curd , Paneer), sprouts , dry fruits like almonds, raisins.
  • Eat small quantities at short intervals.

2.  Baby sleeping while feeding:  Especially in first few months, this is one of the most common problem every nursing mother faces. Whenever you notice baby is about to close his /her eyes, try to remove him or her from breast. Try to make him or her awake by some actions like start talking to him /her , tickle on the cheeks or hands. This will help you to make him/her awake.

3.  Engorgement:  Some mothers produce more milk than their breasts can hold ,which causes discomfort and hardness . And this condition is called Engorgement. It also makes difficult for the baby to latch on to the breast because its nonconforming to his /her mouth.  One cause for this problem may be due to the baby sleeping while feeding or some other unexplained reasons too. To deal with such situation,

  • It is advisable to hand express a little milk before breast feeding so that the breast softens.
  • Breastfeeding your baby a minimum of 6-7 times in a day.
  • Massage your breasts gently while feeding.

Formula is always the same and simple: the more you nurse , more you produce, the less are the chances of engorgement.

4.  Sore nipples:  This could cause due to certain reasons like: less intake of water, sucking with high pressure, dry skin etc. To Deal with this condition first start feeding your baby at shorter and regular intervals, so that baby won’t be very hungry, hence won’t suck hard with pressure.

  • Clean your nipples with plain or little luke warm water twice a day.
  • Not to use any soap or lotions.

5. Hard lumps on breasts:  This is one the most common problem a new mother faces. Commonly caused when milk is not draining completely. This hard lump can be felt along with the redness and pain on touching. This indicated that they need to express their milk or feed baby more frequently. If baby is not hungry use breast pump and store the milk for later use. Refrigerate this milk to use it later.  Not to forget Investing in a good quality breast pump.

6. Lack of family support: Last but not the least this plays the most important part in this journey .Breastfeeding is directly related to stress. Try to stay calm and cheerful. The family members of a nursing mother should ensure a stress free environment at home. Ensuring that she is taking proper rest while they can take care of the baby for some time. Ensuring that she is eating food properly at the right time. If a nursing mother in any sense feels restless or stressed, this will affect the milk flow. This will then might result in clogged pores which lead to infection and ultimately the little one will be deprived of this precious thing.

Happy Breastfeeding :)

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