Sunday Is A Holiday For Women Too

Sunday Is A Holiday For Women Too

"How are you and Rishi?" asked her mother over the phone.

"We are doing good Maa. How are you all?" asked Saakshi.

"We are doing good too. Your bhabhi is making Rahul do all the household work. Poor boy he hardly gets one day to take rest and your bhabhi doesn't spare him on his holiday too," her mother spoke with a distaste towards her daughter in law's actions.

"There's nothing wrong in it maa. I am unable to understand as to why you and my mother in law make a molehill out of a mole when men partake in the household chores," said Saakshi miffed with her mom.

"Don't talk rubbish. Let the men relax for at least one day a week. They toil all week to earn money for the family. They are the breadwinners and they deserve a break," explained her mom.

"I'll talk to you later," said Saakshi unable to continue the conversation and disconnected the call.

Saakshi sat by the window in her room and reminisced the conversation she had with her mom the previous week.

'Do women not deserve a break? We all work round the clock throughout the dear sans any complaints, yet aren't we entitled to a holiday once in a week?' she wondered.

'I will bring about a change in my abode. After all, change begins at home,' she thought.

The next morning

Her husband drew the curtains and the sun rays fell on her face waking her up.

"Good morning Saakshi, please wake up. Mom is waiting for tea," he said.

"Good morning. Can you make tea for mummy Ji today?" asked Saakshi stretching her arms and back.

"Aren't you well?" asked her husband worried.

"I'm perfectly fine. Today is Sunday, so I won't be doing any chores. Today is a holiday for me," said Saakshi.

Her husband looked at her puzzled.

"Come on, Saakshi stop joking," he said.

"I'm not joking. You get a holiday every week. Moreover, you are eligible to take sick leave, casual leave and all. I have been working non-stop for over two years now. Even I need a holiday," she said sternly.

"I work for a firm and I shoulder multiple responsibilities. So I am entitled to a holiday. Don't forget that I'm the breadwinner," he said smiling confidently.

"I shoulder many responsibilities too and I don't even pause for a minute. I am the breadmaker," she said sanguinely.

"Bahu, where's my chai?" 

They heard her Mil's voice.

"Rishi will make it for you MummyJi Also, he will prepare breakfast and lunch today and take care of all the chores," announced Saakshi from inside her room.

"Why are you not feeling well," asked her Mil

"I'm fine Mummy Ji. Today is my holiday," she said and without waiting for a reply she covered her face with the blanket and threw herself to sleep.

Rishi stomped out of the room.

He entered the kitchen and began to make tea. He later began to chop the vegetables. On seeing him struggle alone in the kitchen his mother lent him a helping hand.

Together they prepared breakfast.

It was 10 AM.

Saakshi walked out of her room and sat on the couch and began to read the newspaper.

"Wow, it smells so good. What did you make?" asked Saakshi

"Poha," replied Rishi.

He walked to the dining hall drenched in sweat. Saaskhi looked at him and felt sorry for his condition. She saw that her Mil too was exhausted.

'I think Mummyji has helped Rishi in making breakfast. Why doesn't she ever help me, even on days when I'm sick," she thought.

She was tempted to take over the responsibilities but she controlled herself. 

Rishi served breakfast and immediately got into the kitchen to make lunch.

"Just make dal, let's order roti and curry from any restaurant," said her Mil.

She was shocked. From the time she had entered the house as a new bahu, her Mil had never allowed food to be ordered from any restaurant. But today, she couldn't see her raja beta struggle so she suggested for food to be ordered.

'Am I not a human being? Why are there different rules for different people?' thought Saakshi.

Soon it was lunchtime. After  a short nap, Saakshi suggested, "Rishi let's watch a movie?"

"Not now dear. I have to prepare tea and snacks for all," he said

Something had hit him hard.

Every Sunday when Saakshi said the same thing to him he would get angry with her.

He understood that household chores are like a whirlpool. Despite his mom helping him, he felt exhausted and Saakshi carried out everything without any help with finesse.

He sat beside Saakshi and kissed her saying, "I'm sorry that I took you for granted dear. I will lend you a helping hand with the chores and you deserve a holiday every week. I and Maa will manage things on Sunday's or whenever you want a break."

Saakshi smiled and kissed him back.

'I wish Sunday is a holiday for every woman,' she thought.

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