That red dress

That red dress

"That was the same red sequined dress that you wore on your birthday,"mentioned Nisha's roommate Anu.
"Today is your special day. Manav is  waiting for you," added Anu.

"Oh! Yes dear, did you know why I am fond of this dress,"exclaimed Nisha.
"Well, I am sure it was gifted by Manav,"perplexed Anu. 
"No, dear your assumption is wrong. This dress is very close to my heart as it was my grandmother's last gift to me. I am emotionally attached to it,"outburst of tears rolled out of Nisha's eyes.

Anu consoled her," Don't get upset, It's a part of life."
" I saw your attachment to this dress when Riya accidentally spilled juice on your dress at your birthday party. You immediately sent it for dry cleaning,"added Anu. 

"You know, I have soft corner for that dress. I can't let it go,"paused Nisha.
"Do you remember that incident with Mona?She even didn't talk with you for days,"questioned Anu.

"How can I forget that? Mona wanted this dress of mine for her drama. She once said to me that this dress suits her role. I refused to give it. She was so rude to me. She even didn't talk to me for days. I was astounded by her behavior. I didn't expect it at all,"Nisha explained. 

"Now, I can relate your fondness to this dress. It really looks stunning on you,"said Anu."It's lucky for me as well. Everytime I wear, it enhances my confidence and brings good fortune to me,"uttered Nisha."Whenever I want that extra luck and benediction, I wear this dress, "added Nisha. "You are already getting late dear. You must leave now, "perplexed Anu.

Nisha hurriedly went out to meet manav. She was glowing extraordinarily in the sunshine with her beautiful red sequined dress. Manav was amazed to see her sun-kissed face. He proposed her with a bunch of roses. This was indeed her lucky charming dress. 

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